Slapped, Spanked, and Raped – NUWEST

5 Dec

3F/m; time: 20 minutes

We revisit and expand this review, having come to enjoy these actors more and more. Aggressive title–no one goes home wanting from NUWEST! ‘Vanna,’ ‘Joanne Jameson,’ and ‘Karen’ jump actor ‘David.’ He plays Karen’s husband and won’t do his duty. They are going to intimidate him into performing sex. They grab him and pull his pants down. “You’re going to perform your manly duties by the time we’re done.”

The girls are informal in flannel shirts and jeans, and, we must say, surprisingly in character here in roles of power and dominance. Some market is satisfied here, but we like the girls’ clothes to come off. Except for Karen, who waits in bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings. The girls alternate spanking him OTK, throw him around a little, faux-kick him, pants down, slap his face, and penis, which, we have learned  has a mind of its own and is showing some interest in these proceedings. This roughhouse preliminary takes 10 minutes. “Are you ready?” No, no.” Visible evidence says otherwise.

The girls wrestle David onto a bed, and then tie his wrists and ankles to the frame with nylons. The struggle takes two minutes. This seems to be Karen’s turn now–she begins a blowjob and David produces, of course. Karen puts a condom on his cock, very skillfully,  and climbs on for a full porn scene, by an experienced lady. In the films we have seen, this is the first actual sex we have seen David get. We have always wondered how he was awarded. Karen rides the hell out of him, turning both ways, shaking the little bed to its foundations. The two girls watch and encourage.

An attempt to film a furious orgasm(s) is made; Karen collapses in satisfaction. Joanne and Vanna slap her bottom and leave.

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