Teachers, Coaches, Lovers – OHHTEEKAY

5 Dec

MF/f; time: 25 minutes

American film made in a sleazy motel; an actress credited as ‘Nina Wetterman’ is a blowsy blonde in the American blonde bombshell tradition, high on the explosive index. She lies on her back, playing with herself, having phone sex with her boyfriend by recalling spanking experiences, which are then played out.

Her first recollection involves a teacher, a male left-handed spanker, forever faceless. Buxom Nina is OTK, her thong down, getting a workout in a hotel room cleared of furniture. Over the hotel desk, such a naughty little outfit–short skirt, peasant blouse retaining her grapefruits. Small hips, good solid bottom, a professional dancer’s body. She recalls a second session with this teacher, a strapping, just a few mild strokes.

The second depiction involves a female swim coach. They use the bathroom of the hotel room this time; she strips nude, taking off a two piece swimsuit. The faceless female spanker, also a lefty, spanks her in several positions. This segment contains mostly nudie shots and is silly, except for the blonde’s extraordinary body and the humor of bathroom scenes.

The last fantasy involves her boyfriend and phone-mate herself, recalling a time when “she’s too headstrong and stubborn.” He doesn’t show his face and is probably the same actor as the teacher. He spanks away–lots of facials of the blonde. She is nude on the bed, kneeling up, her huge boobs hang, clear twinkling winks between her legs. On her back, legs open, diaper treatment. Full exposure. This boyfriend has stamina in the face of all this pulchritude. He gets her face down on the bed then over the end of the bed to complete the spanking before they close the door in our face out in the hall.

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