Two Mercilous Women – NUWEST FCV-075

5 Dec

2F/m; year: 1998; time: 28 minutes

‘Julia Jameson’  and ‘Jane’ will whip a naked male, the whole movie; an attractive muscular blondish male, stark naked, is staked out between two posts, his wrists and ankles cuffed and tied by lines to the posts. He can thrash and wiggle but not much more-his buttocks will be stationary. The girls are fascinated with his pale buttocks and his flaccid penis. Julia uses a long dogwhip and Jane has a martinet.

The girls circle, scold, whip, play with his cock (with no result), whipping him front and back. It is loud and aggressive, yet there are no marks to speak off. He ducks his head when the strokes strike his front. Looks rather frightening to us.

The girls wear white dresses and heels. Sixteen minutes in, they decide to strip down to bra and panties, always fun in these F/m films. The girls keep whipping and fondling, but the guy must be too scared to get it up. The whippings conclude with a rousing session with one girl in front and another in back–nowhere to escape.




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