Wrath of Khane – CHEEKYVIDEO

5 Dec

M/f; time: 44 minutes

CP actress ‘Brigella,’ our first exposure; she plays a prostitute arrested by the police and who is going to be spanked and caned until she gives up the name of her pimp. It is a courageous performance–she is in hot water from the first minute until the last in the film.

The scene is a flat one-shot set, in a police office. The male officer is relentless. He will spank, paddle, whip, and cane, all the while asking for the name of Brigella’s pimp. She holds out. She is first bent over a desk–the officer begins strapping at her thighs, backs of her knees, and calves, stockings rolled down, with little kicking shots, as invasive person discipline as we have ever seen. “Oww, Jesus!”

The left-handed officer canes Brigella’s calves–mean marks appear on her lower legs immediately. He then takes her OTK, requiring her to take off her skirt and top. She wears frilly slightly comic underwear. He can’t resist: “Dressed for business, eh?”

Brigella kneels on a chair, elbows up on the desk for a bare-bottom session with a very long floppy strap, very hard. She isn’t talking. A  small tawse bites also. Next, an instrument almost too nasty to use–a short braided leather whip. It must have hurt, because the officer returns to the strap.

The officer unsnaps her bra and slips down her thong–a hard strapping. “Are you sore?” “Yes.” “It will get worse.” She murmurs that she wants to leave and go home, but it isn’t going to happen. Off with the garter belt, her last fragment of clothing. OTK, more tawsing in this position, including some slashes to the backs of her knees and calves. She jumps erotically–no CP  actress has toughened up those areas.

The officer is puzzled–“Why are you doing this [not talking]?” “Because I am afraid of him.” The officer begins preparing her for the cane. He is going to cane her thighs so she can’t wear her short skirts on the job.

Back to the chair for the cane. He slashes about 15 times, back and forth, forehand and backhand. Won’t talk. Then, two straps to her bottom and thighs. “You won’t be wearing a short skirt for a long time.” More cane to the thighs. This fusillade with multiple implements is starting to tell on her bottom.

Toward the conclusion, she assumes a posture rarely seen. While straddling a chair to spread her legs, she bends over its back to lean on the desk. The caning continues. Her bottom is getting to be a mass of history. She weakens, chokes out her pimp’s first name. A  few more zingers and the officer has the information he needs. A warrior’s performance from Brigella. We’ll be looking for her films.

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