6 Dec

F/f; time: 28 minutes

An expert spanking film, made by two experienced actresses; blond ‘Amber Pixie Wells’  arrives at ‘Chelsea Pfeiffer’s’ studio, they shake hands, and Chelsea has Amber quickly sign a liability waiver. The spanking commences immediately, almost at the portal of the studio. Chelsea takes her OTK on a tall swivel stool we normally associate with a drafting table.

Chelsea always spanks very hard. Amber yelps on the very first stroke, and she just arrived. Skirt up–black lace, red-trimmed panties. Ms. Wells always attends to her underwear in her films. Lots of kicking, crying, facials, closeups. Amber is regarded by many as one of the best of the emotional submissives, having the ability of looking absolutely miserable while being sexy and alluring. You may feel for her, but you’re not encouraged to suggest she be given reprieve.

A word about these excellent ‘Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment’  productions. Perfect lighting and sound, excellent camera angles-bottom closeups, shots between legs, tears, mirrored reflections,  attention to  panties, all of the erotic CP film cues we have come to admire, found in one place. CPE divides its films into transportable clips about 3 minutes long, while the action continues uninterrupted.

While being spanked on the stool, panties down, Chelsea has Amber reach for and hand her first a hairbrush then a medium-sized wood paddle, each implement eliciting renewed cries. This seems a long and uninterrupted spanking, no scene breaks or chances for rest.

About halfway through does come a scene change; Amber is led into the mirrored dance studio Chelsea has used top spank  a few of her friends. Amber wears only black bra and panties, and visually you can see why she has had such a career. Chelsea expertly ties her wrists high on a pole. Amber stands away from the pole so that her bottom sticks out just-so. Chelsea takes her panties down quickly, all the way to the floor, displaying Amber’s wide perfect buttocks, pink and clear from the first scenes.

Chelsea begins with a thick doubled strap, and Amber again cries from the first. Part way through, Chelsea gathers the panties from between Amber’s feet and stuffs them in her mouth, not just symbolically, but gently forced all the way in, nothing much sticking out. Amber’s eyes bug out appropriately. The camera pans her front and back, some the first closeups of her shaved pussy, just a delectable as she is.

Chelsea will conclude the session with a torment from a thick and soft flogger, and some tickling. In addition  to all the mirrored depictions, some of this scene is shot voyeur-style through a doorway. Amber is released, the gag removed–tears, caresses.

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