Class of 2002 – CALSTAR

16 Dec

F/3f; year: 2002;  time: 56 minutes

Actress ‘Emma Peterson,’  when she hands over her panties, is the redeeming feature in this otherwise prototypical uninventive schoolgirl disciplinary session. A  female teacher catches three girls coming out of a pub and assumes they have been “skivving off,” in their school uniforms, no less. (Full disclosure: we had to look up ‘skivving off.’) They are hauled back to school, marched into a sort of conference room, where the usual procedures will occur.

Edward (Emma Peterson), Tompkins, a frosted blonde; and Jones, a stunning black girl who looks to be 6’2″, are the culprits. The teacher lines them up and will spank them one at a time. Nobody wants to go first. Because Tompkins is smirky, saucy, and disrespectful, she is pulled out first. As often happens with CalStar serial spankings, the first girls onto the scaffold have the toughest time.

Tompkins is taken OTK and the handspanking starts. They stop quickly and reposition the chair and continue, we think because the video camera could not get the right angle for the bottom-closeup. Routine spanking, too many repetitive “ow’s” from Tompkins. pants down–a pretty tush worthy of a good spanking, with a cute mole on her left cheek.

“Remove your knickers and your skirt.” Over the conference room table, just the right height to accentuate a wide soft female keister. Tompkins gets a standard session with the two official CalStar implements–a soft oval paddle and the floppy leather paddle/strap.

“I think you are ready for the cane.” About 20 moderate strokes, which include repeats, a look from Tompkins into the camera as if to say, WHY DID I TAKE THIS JOB? As with each of the girls, marks and wheals immediately show. Tompkins is sent packing–Edwards and Jones have been made to watch.

Bouncy ponytailed blonde Edwards comes out next, hanging her head sweetly and increasing the tension we feel. “You know what to expect, don’t you?” OTK begins, the teacher teases her knickers down in due course. Edwards (Ms. Peterson) possesses the perfect CalStar bottom–big, wide, solid, hard, athletic, and unblemished, lovely to gaze at during the entire procedure.

Over the table, “Please, Miss, not the paddle.” The teacher is our surrogate and can’t resist fondling Edwards’ magnificent possession. Out with the cane, about 20 strokes, repeats at least 3 times, immediate marks, squirmy bottom, very fine stuff.

The statuesue Jones is last and goes through the same steps, more brief, no paddling and a shorter caning, because time was running out or she had a different deal with the producer. She would still need a few days to recover.


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