Discipline in Russia #34-Outrage by Police in St.Petersburg

16 Dec

Nettles; 3M/2f; time: 56 minutes

Fun from Russia–gotta be glad the Iron Curtain is gone; and those subtitle writers! “Outragges,”  they call it. ‘Anatoly,’ colonel of police, is under political pressure, having touble with prostitutes in his district. He wants female captain ‘Irina’ to engage an old friend of his, “Victor,” to accost the girls. this is all a ruse to allow the men to have some fun with a few dollies they covet.

The film opens with some very attractive St. Petersburg urban scenery. Anatoly and Victor confer on a bridge as to how to arrest the girls, then they approach, proposition, and entrap brunette ‘Nedezda’ and blonde ‘Sveta.’ We’re ready to rock.

The girls are imprisoned; female captain Irina is nervous; she knows Victor is a well-known pervert and reminds the men the girls may only be held for 72 hours–the Iron Curtain certainly is gone!

Irina brings the girls to the men, and reluctantly leaves them. In short order, the girls are ordered to strip naked, which happens in most of these Nettles films, and is always the highlight. These two girls expose lovely, hot bodies. The actress playing Nedezda probably betrays her full-time occupation, because she reflexively tweaks to excite her nipples erect when she is nude, in an almost instinctive gesture.

The men fiondle, twirl, and inspect their captured birds. They torment, spank, tease. Both girls get dog collars and leashes. They are flogged and caned around the room, mostly in spanking positions. The actress playing blonde Sveta gets the most attention.

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