Worse for Wear – CALSTAR

16 Dec

M/f; year: 2006; time: 24 minutes

A careful reader points out this film was released again as ‘Cheeky Mare.’ Actor ‘Michael Dawes,’  virtually licking his lips at the prospect of another bottom to spank, upbraids Nicole, the girlfriend of his friend Spencer. She knows he has had an eye for her but that he respects his friend. Spencer calls while they talk and Michael is shocked when he hears how Nicole has been behaving. She pee’d on his bed in anger!

“I should give you a bloody good spanking, Nicole.” Never any delay with Dawes. Nicole is OTK on the CALSTAR white sectional. Dawes works a knee between her legs–he calls her “my best friend’s girlfriend.” Down with her slacks, he likes her stylish “netting” pantyhose. She is a Black, and elegantly endowed in the bottom department. When Dawes gets her pantyhose down, he is almost transfixed by her hard, perfect, ebony buttocks; even Michelangelo would pause with his chisel.

After an irresistible fondle: “I’ve got an  implement in my cupboard I’m going to use on that cheeky little behind of yours.” Down with her thong, he fingernails her cheeks. The implements are the usual paddles. She kneels on the couch. “Keep that ass up in the air.” To work up his anger even more, he reminds her: “Spencer was my Best Man.”

Dawes is in high dudgeon. “I’m going to keep paddling you until you tell me you want the cane.” She  stands, facing us, naked. Her pubic coiff suggests a date much earlier than the identified 2006 but we like to say this theatre is timeless.

She has whispered she is ready for the cane–she doesn’t say much in this video. Bend-over for the cane. A dozen whippy solid Dawes-like strokes. The nature of her brown skin shows white lines and welts immediately. She yells and jumps in realistic agony. Dawes lets her bottom surge between strokes and settle into place for the next. Very erotic, beautifully lit and filmed.

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