Charity Caning – CALSTAR

17 Dec

M/2f; time: 45 minutes

A frequent plot–girls agree to public caning; Michael Dawes, that ubiquitous and indefatigible CalStar disciplinarian, plays a teacher, and two of his “students” suggest they take a caning “in front of the college” at an upcoming charity bazaar. Bizarre.

Of course we need rehearsal, and the implements are never far away. The girls are lovely blondes. “We thought we could do a good warmup.” ‘Jane Thompson’ is sent to get the rule book on the caning procedures, while ‘Sophie Rushton’ goes OTK  for the first warmup. Dawes points out “Remember, you asked for this,.” If you have watched this guy work, he is seeking license to go as far as possible. Dawes hikes up Sophie’s airy summer dress and begins spanking on tight white panties, which he soon pulls down, exposing yet another perfect CalStar bottom. “Are you going to mind baring your bottom in front of all the students?” He chatters away, spanks, fondles, and probes, as he always does. The camera gets perfect rear views–and nice winks from Sophie. Dawes pries her cheeks apart to help, and we’d swear, Sophie is getting excited.

Thompson returns with the rule book. Sets of six cane strokes are to be applied until one girl wins by holding out the longest. Dawes promises a 50 pound side bet as a “stimulus” to encourage the girls. Thompson is next for her warmup OTK. She is wearing black slacks, a leotard, and black boots. Very sexy. She pulls her black slacks down–our modern miss’s leotard is bottomless. She has dancer’s legs, and a high, hard, wide bottom, perfect for the contest. Rushton is sent for a paddle, a hard black ping png bat.

After some fondling, Rushton bends over a table, lovely to behold. She jumps under the paddle, but is stoic. Thompson holds her. They are practicing the positions, but both girls are warned the caning on stage  will be much more exciting than today’s practice. After all, these girls volunteered. The leotard is unsnapped between her legs. 20 with the paddle. Rushton assumes the table position next and is paddled, little white pants festooned at her knees. Dawes lines up the bare bottoms side-by-side for a fondle-examination of the “coverage,” before the caning starts. “What a sight you two will make.” He goes to get his camera and cane while the two twitching bottoms are left to wait.

“It’s show time.” Thompson and Rushton get four alternating sets of six cane strokes. Dawes snaps and cracks his strokes, measuring space between the pink lines he makes, always eliciting squeals, gasps, and pleas, and delighting in the task in his particular way. Bare bottoms are paraded for comparison. Pale Rushton is more marked than darker Thompson, and both girls are definitely more aroused than before. Dawes and Rushton baby-oil Thompson’s pinked bottom. Back with the cane for the last six, this time to see what it is like “on the oiled bottom.” Typical demonic   prurient Dawes. Thompson gets oiled and her final six. Another side-by-side. Dawes is going to save these bottoms for the big show.

CalStar packages a 7 minute video called “Garden Party”  with this film; nothing special–an attractive blonde loses her pants over her man’s lap because she has fouled up some food preparations for his office party in their garden. Just show you what, and how easily, you can earn a spanking in England.

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