CP in Women’s Institutions #5 Parts 1,2, 4 – NUWEST

17 Dec

Part 1:  2F/7f; 24 minutes

  • Seven bottoms marched into the NU-WEST punishment room, a bonanza! One of our favorite NU-WEST scenarios, where girls are lined up and spanked one at a time, having to endure the sufferings of their predecessors. ‘Vanna’  plays a guard and ‘Julia Jameson’  the warden.

Seven girls file into the faux puinishment room NW has outfitted. Julia: “Wow! All the ‘special needs’ prisoners.” The girls face the wall. They wear shorty smocks, and we will see, just panties.

“Bring me Katie,” declares Julia. Blond actress Katie strips off her short blue smock and skinnies down her transparent panties and stands naked. No bra, bare feet. Katie moves to stand in front of the punishment bench, the padded banana-shaped body-length trestle. During a long scolding from Julia, we’re invited to study Katie, facing us, in her mohawk stage of pubic design.

She must climb onto the bench and shinny up until her bare bottom crests its apex. Vanna straps down her thighs and back, and fastens her wrists low on the frame. At Julia’s direction between scoldings, Vanna will flog Katie in sets of 10. Katie kicks her feet in delightful discomfort. All the girls will have dirty feet. Camera angles  from overhead, facial, and frontal obliques.

After about 6 minutes of flogging, hard but not mean, very erotic, and well filmed, Katie is released. Blond ‘Toby’ is called out next, very thin and juvenile looking. She also quickly strips and makes a neat little stack of clothing, such as it is. She shivers and shrinks, naked, during the recitation of her violations from Julia’s clipboard. And she doesn’t shave at all. Her whipping is the same, except maybe more whimpering.

‘Lacy’ is next; naked over the trestle; she’s got some tattoos, front and back. Same whipping.

Blond ‘Casey’  is the fourth girl to be dealt with in this Part 1, a much more buxom lady than the first three. After she strips and climbs into position, this first tape concludes.

Part 2 (23 minutes)

The naked girls facing the wall are increasing. The four remaining girls will be dealt with. “Casey’ has been called out next and makes a little pile of her clothes. Julia scolds her for fighting with another prisoner over a man. “”Dick’ is out there. You two girls can get it anywhere. I  hate to see you squander your lives.” Casey gets the same whipping.

Blond ponytail  ‘Jill’ strips next, and the moment is squandered with an overhead shot, missing the detail of the most buxom body so far. We have to wait to see her in detail when she stands in from of the trestle. Huge boobs and aeroles, lusty fuzz.

NU-WEST’s ‘Jacque’ is  next. She gets the same whipping, long frontals.

“Alice’ is last, a tall frosted brunette. She has listened to six whippings and now gets hers.

We get a moment to contemplate the seven naked girls before they dress on-screen and are marched off. Fun stuff.

Part 4 (2F/3f; year: 1991; time: 30 minutes) At the punishment bench again, on the cell-Ike set. Vanna, Linda, and Katie stand at the wall in just gymslips and panties. Matron Joanne presides, assisted by another matron.

Vanna, very young and small here, is called out first. She climbs onto the bench and arranges her hips over a bolster. The bolster is NU-WEST’s simple solution to the less than colorful lying-flat position. The matron will read out her offenses. After each, 5 hard and loud strokes of a strap, 45 in all. Nice facials, no fooling around here.

Tall brunette blonde Linda is strapped next, nine sets of 5. Her lovely bottom is highest on the bolster.

And wonderful Katie, the shortest girl in the room. That tight little bottom. Katie’s hair is short in this era. The best facials.

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