Final Selections #2 – CALSTAR

17 Dec

MF/2f; time: 49 minutes

Blackmailed spankings as casting! ‘Pete’  and ‘Natasha,’ two director-types, flip through their papers to make final choices on actresses for a role they are casting for a band. The blackmailing of aspiring actresses with a crisp spanking is a theme frequently found in CalStar; fun to imagine, surely the producers actually did such things. So you want a role in our CP film?

Natasha and Pete discuss the girls and Pete casually suggests maybe he’d give them a spanking. Natasha rolls her eyes: “Oh God, I knew that was coming.” There will be two conventional spankings in this flat one-scene, low budget production.

The aspirant Natalie, portraying a blond schoolgirl for the producers, is called back and is gently told they want to spank her. She is a bit puzzled. “Will it get me into the band?” She agrees and they are both going to participate. The guy starts her OTK; skirt up, bottom high and proud, they are impressed with her figure. The handspanking is a bit silly, panties come down with some flair. Her wiggling makes up for any boredom.

Natasha takes over and grabs a handful of Natalie’s blond hair for us to see her face. Natalie  is bent over a table for the oval soft paddle, a prominent high-style sexy bottom, but a mild spanking. “This guarantees me a place?” “Oh, I think so.” Natasha spanks harder and Natalie arches her back and sticks her bottom out even further, eager to please. The floppy leather paddle/strap makes her cry out. The male director holds her in place.

Pete will cane her and now Natasha does the holding. More than 15 solid stokes are shown. Toward the end she is quivering, which pleases them. “You’re shaking a little bit.”

Everyone is satisfied. Time for the next girl.

Julie, a goofy redhead/blonde, in a mock schoolgirl outfit, is eager, agrees to the spanking test, in fact, “anything to get the part.” It is explained to her that there are “lots of angles in this industry. This is one of them.”

She is started OTK. Her little school-costume jumper is so short her white panties peek out. A slow handspanking, pants down. Natasha: “Oh, it’s warming up nicely.” In the process of moving to bend over the table, she flashes a frontal for us. Natasha tawses her–her bottom is marking and blotching. The floppy paddle stings more, but “I can take it…I  can take it.”

When she sees the cane coming: “Oh, no!” But Natasha is loving all this. “Oh yes, stick it up in the air for me.” Almost 30 strokes are shown, increasingly severe. Excellent closeups of welts and stripes. When she is finished they dismiss her with a “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” She is not what they wanted but they had their fun. “This has been a long day.”

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