Potpourri #5 – NUWEST NWV-172

17 Dec

year: 1991; time: 25 minutes

Aptly named NuWest collections of assorted spanking episodes. This is an old one, with the opening graphic the closeup of actress ‘Katie’s’ lips announcing the title. We love Katie, from our distance. She pronounces this film “Pot Purr-y.”

We think it’s ‘Kelly Raye,’ in school uniform, complete with schoolbooks, caught playing hooky. A  woman will spank her–the old studio set and furniture, clunky staging. The woman drops to one knee and tries to get Kelly Raye OTK over that knee, but the position doesn’t work, so they shift to the conventional chair. dress up, light blue net panties. A short session.

Kelly Raye and a friend cavort, break a lamp, and are spanked for it on the same set, acting reminiscent of high school.

Eve Howard and Ed Lee in an odd, long session, almost all of it verbal scolding from  Lee at Eve as she lies in bed. She has been out late, probably having sex, etc. This is almost all talk, about 18 minutes of it. What were they thinking? Is Ms. Howard trying out storyline material for her future career at Shadowlane? Lee does grab her a few times for very short spanking sessions, and does get her panties down at the end. Ms. Howard does know how to squirm and struggle, amply established here.

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