17 Dec

2FM/4f; time:  47 minutes

Hard and realistic spankings from this American producer, who has created  a large body of work; the girls are delightful, the sets and production values excellent, and there is little sleaze. This performance is set at the Realspankings Institute, where young ladies are sent for attitude adjustment. Actresses ‘Jasmine,’ ‘Jennifer,’ ‘Emma,’ and ‘Sandra’  will be on the wrong end of some discussions with  the Institute dsiciplinarians. RS has made several videos where girls are housed and spanked frequently throughout the day for the slightest offense.

Blondish Emma and brunette Sandra arrive and are to be oriented. “While you’re here, I  am in charge. Stand up and strip naked, ” says Mistress Dee. Lovely humiliation as the girls get naked. “Get used to being naked here at the Institute.” They put on uniforms difficult to dissociate with spanking–plaid skirts, white panties, and frilly blouses.

RS regular Dee “demonstrates”  with Emma, a hard handspanking over the desk. The girls go and meet Jasmine and Jennifer, then trash their room, hoping to get them in early trouble. The new girls are inspected and spanked again by Dee. “Ow, fuck,”  shouts Emma.

Sandra and Emma sabotage Jasmine’s and Jennifer’s homework, so Miss Dee spanks them in class in some British lookalike classroom action. We said those plaid skirts were meant to be turned up. Nice moment of textbook torment–heavy books held at arms’ length while their pants are down facing us.

Sandra sleeps in and gets spanked in just little panties by Lady Dee, an erotic fantasy of how to wake up a teenager.

Jasmine caught without panties–a male dean spanks her after she must wait in anticipation.

Jennifer is late for class and so takes the cane on the bare in front of her classmates. When she tries to cover up, she gets her palms strapped, apparently worse than the cane. Tough bottoms at RS.

Then the group spanking, the girls in their P.E.  outfits. A doubled belt, a fierce-looking small wood paddle, and an erotic ending—the bare bottomed girls must kneel erect on the brick hearth for 30 minutes.

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