Bare Backs, Whipped Backs – NUWEST FCV-046

18 Dec

M/3f; year: 1998; time: 29 minutes

Three whipping episodes, featuring Ed Lee’s prurient predilection for bare backs.

A tall, nail  thin blonde–we thought we heard the name ‘Veronica,’ is strung up in the studio. She wears a blouse, yellow skirt, and heels. Lee announces: “one hundred strokes on your bare back.” “No!” He pulls her blouse up to make it act as a necklace around her neck and unfastens her bra. We didn’t count the hundred strokes. The last 20 are repeated with a facial camera. Nice work.

The second segment is staged in the faux punishment room, with the paste-on iron door. ‘Vanna’ finds herself fastened to a single shaft whipping post. Lee wears one of his comical best–a black hood and mask, executioner style. We have to assume laughter must be suppressed as Lee walks from the dressing room to the set.

Lee rips open her blouse. No bra; just cut-off jeans shorts. He begins his whipping. Mild marks appear soon. “Now I’ll show you how to make a wench bleed.” At the conclusion, there are drippings from several ‘cuts’: we’re having too much fun to challenge the authenticity. Vanna makes a thrilling submissive as well as a dominatrix.

The third story is the longest. ‘Joanne Jameson’ has been sentenced by “Islam….to be whippped.” Lee wears his black hood but not the mask, his Emporer Ming spade beard sticking out. He butchers his lines–there is no one yelling’ cut’ on this set while he holds the whip.

Joanne is fastened and stretched by the wrists to two separated posts. He rips off her slip, which drops to a puddle. She now wears only white bikini panties, a lovely little accent to her powerful, struggling pink body. Lee begins with his dogwhip. “You westerners have tough skin. It will take many strokes.” In spite of the title here, Lee does crack her panties a number of times with his whip.

[sirens-big-time, on the soundtrack]. “In the next 10 strokes, you will start to bleed.” We guess it doesn’t quite happen, so “20 more strokes, I will have you bleed.” Success. There is something.

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