Collected Spankings Vol 1 – BONVUE B&D PLEASURES

18 Dec

year: 1991; time: 55 minutes

Tanya Fox! and several b&d  stars; 3 short spanking segments, not unusual or groundbreaking.

The first episode features Tanya Fox and Sonny Daze in a 32 minute romp, worth your time to watch Ms. Fox surrender minute by minute. She plays a naughty student teasing her tutor. The actors chuckle over their lines. First she pulls her botice down to tease him–no bra. He takes her OTK, dress up, he uses a plastic school ruler, a silly tool. Garters, stockings, black transparent panties.

The tutor bends her over the table–she teases and resists just enough to encourage him. The big moment–panties down, full puss. Daze gets her OTK, even he seems amazed by the sight. Where to begin on such a target? The segment is another tribute to Ms. Fox.

Kym Wilde plays a naughty cheerleader, spanked by Daze in her bedroom. How did he get there? “I know what you need.” “What’s that, a spanking?” Teasing, bare bottom, on her bed.

In the third segment, the actors Bill and Debbie Majors do a promotion of their website and portray a “father” who interrupts his daughter cuddling a huge stuffed animal. She gets spanked for smoking by the ambidextrous Majors. Good father, he lets her keep her panties.

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