Hell Hath No Fury – CALSTAR

18 Dec

F/2f; year: 2001; time: 57 minutes

Actress ‘Rebekah Jordan,’  and a relentless Domme, a woman scorned.

Two smarmy girls drop in on a male neighbor when they see his wife depart. They know he has been eying them, “two lovely bottoms poking over the hedgerows,”  he calls them. The flirting quickly results in the brunette being taken OTK for a fun spanking. He tells them his wife is “very strict,” and keeps a “firm hand.”

In fact, his wife returns, having forgotten something, discovers the girls, chases her husband upstairs to be dealt with later, and confronts the girls. “Look at the way you are dressed…disgusting…have you got knickers on under there?” She checks the brunette’s bottom–sure enough, red marks and the impression of five fingers. She is going to spank both of them.

The brunette is taken OTK first, and the wife spanks much harder than the goofy playful husband. Skirt up, transparent white panties, soon down. The wife is definitely good at this. She likes the results so far–“It’s a nice color.” Lest there be no mistake, she is going to spank her husband later. “Get that skirt off, what there is of it.” The brunette bends over the back of a chair and knows just how to do it–a little frontal flash of her mohawk, long muscular dancer’s legs, and a high hard bottom elevated over the chair.

“My hand is getting a bit sore….I’ve got something else.” It’s the official, well-worn soft oval CalStar paddle. She paddles very hard. “You’ve gone quiet, missy.” Next the floppy leather paddle—“It’s a bit harder, isn’t it?” She makes frequent detailed rubbing inspections of the glamorous reddened cheeks. Spectator Rebekah asks about the canes she saw in the hallway. Why did she do that? The wife goes and gets one.

Still over the chair, the brunette receives over 30 hard strokes, which includes repeats, and filmed from the usual angles. Her long legs and high cheeks add to the fun. Barbie doll. The wife concludes with the brunette with a careful application of body lotion, while the camera studies the considersble marks and wheals. For fun, she is made to pull her top off and stanad nude in the corner to face us while Rebekah takes her turn.

Rebekah is more quiet during her handspanking. Skirt up, white panties. “Don’t you girls  worry about my husband….he’ll get spanked every day this week and won’t sit down for a week.” The wife gets Rebekah to a “nice pink color,” panties down, the camera caresses her swelling bottom from rear and oblique views, and erotic closeups.

“Stand up, get your skirt and your knickers off and bend over that chair.” The oval paddle cracks. Rebekah sniffles. The lady likes to spank and very much appreciates a  curvy bottom at her disposal.

The brunette stands naked in the corner next to the potted palm, like a marble goddess in a catering hall, her hands demurely folded to cover her crotch. The floppy paddle stings–low angles and over-the-shoulder views of her CalStar tush.

The cane is next for Rebekah, 30 strokes also, little winks between her legs, she sniffles. She is treated with lotion at the end–the brunette stands naked and helps spread it in intimate places. The wife yells at these two tarts to dress and leave–they scramble and run. The director should have take 15 seconds to show her headed for the stairs to deal with her husband.



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