Report to Miss Parker – REDSTRIPE

18 Dec

F/2f; year: 1996; time: 46 minutes

The stern ‘Miss Parker’  on the loose at RED STRIPE/OOHTEEKAY. Schoolgirls beware.

Miss Parker confronts pigtailed brunette ‘Perkins’ and auburn-haired ‘Thomas.’ Both girls know it is spanking time, for a succession of offences. “You understand the punishment will have to be more severe this time.” Parker herself is young and nubile–you would like to see her run afoul of HER supervisor, which frequently happens. Throughout the film we are imagining the sexy Miss Parker taken to the storeroom by the Headmaster.

The girls are bent over a desk for a cursory knickers check before the festivities begin. Perkins will be spanked first. Parker takes her OTK and the handspanking begins on her crisp white pants. She stands and pulls them down herself, resumes position, and receives the remainder of about 30 strokes.  Excellent high camera angles on a sweet reddening bottom. Textbook spanking.

Thomas is spanked the same way, then the girls face the wall and we compare their bottoms. Moving to the second phase, Perkins is ordered to fetch a tawse from a desk drawer. It is a big tawse–she takes about 20 strokes conventional strokes. Thomas is next and takes about 25 strokes and then earns 5 more for a smart remark we couldn’t hear.

The caning constitutes the third phase of this session, moving smartly along. Thomas gets the cane from Miss Parker. “Over the desk, I want your bottom up in the air.” Thomas counts out 18 strokes in “Thank you, Miss”  fashion. Parker pulls her punches, as it were. The strokes are turncated and soft. Thomas is allowed to rub at 12, always a pleasure, the last 6 are harder.

Then. silly girl, she gets four more for getting up too soon. Oblique closeups show welts.

Before Parker canes Perkins, she smacks her bare bottom a few times, just for the fun of it. She counts out her 18 cane strokes, but makes such a fuss that she gets another 8 or 10. Facial closeups show convincing tears. In a tight closeup, Miss Parker fondles and grabs
Perkins’ sore bottom a bit more than she should per school procedures. The girls are dismissed.

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