Stage Fright – CALSTAR

19 Dec

F/f; year: 1997; time: 27 minutes

The film ‘Big Deal’  continued; the same black female supervisor has another girl, ‘Sophie,’ one of her actresses, on the griddle for poor performance. Sophie is a heavy-set blond girl who could use some gym time. The boss stands there bawling her out, with a collection of paddles in her hands. Sophie wants to please.

“What could you do to please me? Drop your trousers.” Sophie is then spanked in a sort of standing position, advisable given her heft. “I’m going to enjoy myself for a while to take out this anger.” OTK, again using support from the couch arm, panties down, the oval paddle, kind of silly.

A lot of position changes–Sophie makes a bridge (AKA the ‘lunge’) on the floor, always an entertaining position for a spanking, especially naked. Mild paddling from the soft oval and a larger round leather model.

Sophie kicks off her tangled trousers and panties and is mantelpiec’d, legs “wider….wider.” It is a traditional piece of British spanking theater. Her crying and whining grate, because the spanking is too mild.

She pulls off her top to expose a very heavy duty lace bra. The boss caresses her body with the tip of a stiff leather spanker. Another pose–hands on ankles. The boss adjusts her placement for the camera, for the leather spanker–again inffectual stuff.

At last the bra comes off and she is mantelpiec’d again, now for the camera. About 20 moderate strokes, then touch-toes for a half-dozen more before she is sent off.


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