Southern Strappings – REALSPANKINGS

20 Dec

time: 2.5 hours; two films

24 episodes, rocking strappings; RealSpankings collected these straightforward spanking/strapping sessions, some from larger films. Most of the spankings are severe enough to stand on their own, without story support. No prisoners are taken in these segments, especially when ‘Dee’  is the disciplinarian.

‘Katie Caught Drinking’: brunette drops her jeans and thong. Webmaster Michael Masterson uses his studded belt. Katie keeps her long hair off her face and flashes some puss.

“Misty Gets the Belt’: little brunette places her buttocks on pillows in the bedroom single bed set. Mistress Dee yanks down her panties and whales with a belt.

‘Holly’s Second Punishment Profile’: nude, hands-on-bed, in the sitting jroom set where the RSI spanking interviews are often filmed. Dee whips her, typically hard from her. Mottled bruises in closeup.

‘Brandi’s Office Spanking’: curly haired, frosted  brunette;  Dee spreads her legs and straps fast and very hard on white panties.

‘Jessica’s Bikini Spanking’: Freckled, thin, strawberry blonde Jessica, the most expressive actress at RSI, and one of those girls whose bottom is always a surprise when it appears, gets a strapping from Dee for skipping school and sunning at the lake. She wears her pink bikini so well it might be better than being naked. “At the library? That’s a crock of shit.”

‘Face Series-Holly’: strapped on jeans, over a chair. “Get up, pull your panties down.” Master Daniels does the panties. A face-CAM on the floor behind the chair captures Holly as she bends over.

‘Face Series-Sami’: a pigtailed brunette cries on-screen as she is strapped, and for good reason, this being RSI.

‘Isabel’s Punishment Spanking’: tall frizzy blonde Isabel must strip naked in the hall and sits and fidgets on a Queen Anne chair until Dee takes her in for a strapping;  entertaining humiliation and anticipation. Hallways nicely used by RSI, Lupus, CalStar, FirmHand, and others. Getting naked first and having to wait adds to the tension. A long sit, Dee uses a strap with holes. Isabel in the ‘frisk’  position.

‘Jessica’s  Strapping’: Dee wakes her up gently, then straps her bare bottom on pillows on her bed. Jessica is colorfully photogenic in any posture.

‘Talking Too Late’: unauthorized phone use (a land line!); strapping on the bare bottom on the bed; the phone line left open so the girl’s cries can be heard.

‘Jennifer’s Severe Strapping’: a longer segment, dark blonde Jennifer won’t work for a few weeks after this. Masterson uses his belt on bare skin.

The second film does not name the segments.

Dee and Jennifer: blond Jennifer caught stealing. Dee straps her, bent over a chair, skirt up, little thong.

Dee and Kim: Asian Kim strips naked in her bedroom; Dee comes in and lays on the belt; “get in bed!”

Jennifer and Jessica: Webmaster Michael Masterson interrupts the girls and straps Jessica on her jeans; no place to hide at RSI.

Camille: she wears her cap turned around, makes her all the more tempting to spank; Masterson straps her on her loose overalls.

‘Holly’: Mr. Daniels does the tall blonde. She bends over in a doorway for the belt. She has been spanked recently.

‘Lori and Holly’: The two girls kneel on chairs in pinafores, hands on head. Masterson straps them both on their white panties.

‘Jessica’: In the bedroom, Dee pulls her pants down and lays on 18  very hard strap strokes, counted aloud, on a bottom which looks recently caned.

‘Brandi and Jessica’: Dee straps the two girls in a classroom, 10 strokes for each. They have to kneel on pedestals and elevate their feet, hands on head, elbows touch the wall, so that all their weight is on their kneecaps. They may prefer being spanked.

‘Lori’  doesn’t feel well, so Daniels bends her over the desk for the strap. Some other producers would add an enema here.

Dee straps ‘Brandi,’  jeans down, over the bed. She is almost hysterical.

Masterson puts ‘Jasmine’ over a couch arm, jeans down, belt, tears, great facials.

‘Jessica’ sits in just a purple thong, already in tears. Bend-over, Dee straps her.

Sarah, a tall cute blonde in school uniform, gets the strap from RSI’s ‘Miss J’ on the panties and then on the bare.

Kim in her school uniform. Dee has had her kneel for the paddle, panties down.

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