Alex’s Second Climactic Whipping – NUWEST

23 Dec

M/f; year: 1998; time: 28 minutes

Alex gets another exercise, from Ed Lee and ‘Vanna’; she is ushered into the tile-walled set which has the little holding cage. She strips off odd clothing, down to a lace bustier with her breasts cut out, no panties, garters and stockings, and sexy little tie-ties you want to reach for. Lee himself is surprised. “What do we have here? Rings in your nipples.”

Vanna cuffs her wrists and  and fastens them to a ceiling rope and places the spreader bar between her ankles. Vanna wears working attire– a dark pants-suit and white blouse.

The procedure will be the same here. Lee whips Alex’s bare back and buttocks for a while, then Vanna steps up to work her pussy with the ball-headed Hitachi  vibrator the girls seem to love, its cord plugged to the wall. No cordless technology for NW yet. Back and forth, sessions of each, the closeups on the vibrator action seem better than other films, and of course Alex is very willing.

After a disslove, Alex is seen doubled into the diaper position, her wrists and ankles manacled together over her head. Charms in the wind, Ed  flogs at the same time Vanna runs the vibrator.

Vanna steps away and in the background, partially blocked by poor staging, we see her lubricating a dildo, which she then works in slowly with one hand, using rhe vibrator with the other. Lee keeps flogging, and Alex does her part: “Oh, fuck…yes…yes.”

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