The Masseuse – NUWEST

23 Dec


NU-WEST’s male model ‘David,’ worthy of what Michelangelo could have done with him, will produce his flagpole erection for three different girls as he performs duties as a ‘masseuse.’ Actually, he is the ‘masseur’ here and much more.

‘Katie’ lies naked on the massage table, a little towel just barely covering her bottom. David, fully clothed, massages and spreads oil on her. “Would you like the special today, madam?” “Yes, I would like the special.”


David strips naked–his boner is on its way. He begins spanking Katie on the towel–she prompts him on where to strike–higher, lower, over there, down, etc. “You can take the towel off now.” This might be one of the most illustrative views of how Katie has maintained a white bottom against a California tan. She knows the value of a pale bottom for a CP actress. David is fully erect–almost painful. She prompts: “Harder…rub..faster…harder…there…that’s right!” and the orgasm is depicted.

The second blonde is on the table; same procedure. “Would you like the special?” “When have I ever not wanted you to do the special?” Beautiful closeups and facials, white bikini lines, a flowered tramp-stamp tattoo, and another orgasm.

‘Jodi Cline’ is bottoms-up for David’s third hard-on. “Special?” “By all means, David.”


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