True Artist – CALSTAR

23 Dec

M/f;  year: 1997; time: 28 minutes

A portrait painter is asked to paint a spanked bottom, but he needs a model, of course. A young model is brought by her boyfreind to the painter. A wealthy client wants a “two-part painting,” one after a light spanking and the other after a “full caning.”

The artist will sketch, boyfriend ‘Tony’  will do the spanking, and ‘Juliette’ provides the bottom. The artist explains, “We can’t fake it, I’m afraid.” What he means of course is that he doesn’t want to fake it. Tony starts Juliette OTK. She willingly drops her jeans because she is getting paid for this. She puts her knee-length boots back on.

Juliette is a thin blonde with a high, tight, hard, and smallish bottom, a body type which always provides gaps between the thighs and legs, which does not help a lady’s modesty. Tony is a tall, muscular guy, occasionally seen around CalStar, and not a hard spanker. As he spanks Juliette’s firm and nifty bottom, he admits he is enjoying himself. “I bet you are,” says Juliette, who probably is not as entertained. The artist checks Juliette’s bottom at close range and starts sketching.

“If we could have her knickers down now, please….”  She stands to pul her top off too, but since the artist wants her compeletely naked, the undershirt must come off too. She kneels on a chair for the oval paddle, the gap between her thighs prominent. Tony spanks, paddles, and fondles.

But the artist needs “cane marks,” so Tony starts with 6 very short, sharp snaps, an erotic technique illustrated in how-top videos. But “we need more than that.” Five more, a bit harder. The artist is insistent: he wants a “dozen crisp strokes.” Tony strikes a bit harder and now Juliette is gasping and wriggling. The artist is satisfied with these wheals. Julliete must hold her bottom still while he completes his sketch and for comic relief [a siren wails outside, loud!]

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