Class of ’95 – CALSTAR

24 Dec

MF/3f; year: 1996; time: 54 minutes

Two spanking stories woven together in CalStar’s ‘Class Of-‘ style; the reasons for the spankings are sketchy, but we don’t have high standards. We’ll describe each story separately.

A blonde and brunette, we think actresses ‘Tara Bardot Jackson’  and ‘Tiffany Walker,’ in exercise outfits are being put through a series of PT drills by a woman teacher-type, with an old CalStar actor standing by. He is amused by their ineptitude and he demonstrates, even more silly. He thinks a little spanking might improve performance. The brunette is handspanked bent-over, then the blonde goes OTK, using a handy chair. Part of the “embarrassment” process, the man explains, is nudity. He peels down the blonde’s top–she shyly presents her little schoolgirl figure. After more spanking, the rest of her outfit is peeled off.

The blonde struggles through her spanking and is made to stand naked against the wall, facing us, while the brunette, who has been watching, takes her turn. She proceeds to nudity in the same sequence. She is paddled with a leather ping-pong shaped paddle, bent over the back of the chair. The girls end up facing us nude.

The guy sends the brunette to get the cane, something she is not wanting to do. She is first over the chair–about 10 very solid strokes. The frightened little blonde comes forward for her 10 strokes. The girls are sent off naked, clothes bundled.
The other scenario, scenes woven among the above story;  just two characters–a tall big-haired  brunette and a buxom pigtailed blonde, both a bit improbable as schoolgirls, with skirts too short for anything but a video like this. The sexy brunette seems to have littered on a school bench intended for prefects only, which is a spanking offense, and the blonde is going to exercise her prerogatives. She spanks and paddles the brunette along rthe bench, which is too short to permit the classic OTK position.

Panties must come down, then all clothes must come off. “But…why?” Isn’t it repeatedly amazing how girls don’t seem to get these things? She stands still, panties at her thighs, facing us, in case we had looked away. More spanking and paddling, fairly hard and exciting. “Stop whining.” In case you wanted to know, the blonde checks her own bottom and declares it nicer than the brunette’s. She too has a cane nearby. She lays on about 15 strokes, full swings and penetrating. The brunette is jumping up and down, not having a good time, and so earns another 8 strokes. The blonde has kept her positioned, she says, so her classmates can watch the discipline through a window.

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