Julia’s Lesson – XEROTICS

24 Dec

M/f; time: 12 minutes
Charming blonde ‘Julia’ in a tub, naked of course; a guy comes to the door and scolds her for the condition of the house. She is quite comfortable naked with him in the bathroom. We couldn’t figure out their relationship–brother, boyfriend, sitter, guardian. He might be a husband, considering what we will see, except that she will play the schoolgirl.
In the sitting room, the guy spanks Julia because she has been lazy. He gets her knickers down at one point. The actress gets a lot of facials, for good reason.
In another scene, the guy receives a call from Julia’s school where she has been caught smoking. He confronts her in her schoolgirl kit and gives her a bare-bottom caning over the back of a wing chair when she is cavalier about it
Next comes the big dream scene; Julia is stark naked, legs spread, masturbating in the same wing chair. The camera angle is from below, up through her legs. There are too many actresses who could successfully strike such a pose, everything in view and all photogenic. She recollects, and the film repeats, part of her recent spankings
Then she imagines giving her male friend a vigorous blowjob, followed by some serious fucking in several positions, concluded by a money shot bj again. Her face is fascinating throughout, and we should mention the guy’s endowment.
At the conclusion of this short film, there is a 5-minute smoker called ‘Spanking Orgy 1994.’ Two blindfolded girls are spanked, teased, and fucked by two guys in a real amateur presentation. The actors could have been volunteers from the office of a plumbing supply house.

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