Red Bottom Daughters, Bosses, and Showgirls – NUWEST NWV-080

24 Dec

year: 1984; time: 25 minutes

The very oldest NU-WEST graphics and a 37-year old film at this revision; three spanking scenarios made when NU-WEST skated on the edge of illegality; no frontals; in fact, little bare skin. A ‘smoker’ quality view of naughty spankings.

Two girls come home late from the movies with weak excuses. Their ‘Aunt Diedre’ will spank them now. “Go and get the hairbrush.” ‘Kimberley’  and ‘Georgia,’  two brunettes in conventional dresses, are taken OTK  and spanked on their white panties. Both wear garter belts and stockings, dressed more like girls from the 1950’s.

The hairbrush is the long-handled wood implement, which Ed Lee describes in a later film as a unique and precious tool. It does make a smack and makes the simplle little plastic models seem irrelevant.

Four girls in just bra and panties in the faux bedroom; they seem to be ‘showgirls.’ “It’s spanking time.” The girls rotate around and spank each other, sort of a ‘cluster-spank,’ reminding us of CP stories of how roommates settle disagreements every Friday night. Here, everyone gets spanked. An early opportunity for NU-WEST to display multiple girls in their undies being taken OTK.

Some very early NU-WEST actors play a scene where a bearded male is called before his female boss because his sales have dropped. In later films, he would lose his clothes and get a humiliating spanking and manipulation, in front of other amused girls. But here, he grabs his pretty brunette boss and spanks HER, sitting on the edge of her desk, getting her over his knee, and getting her panties down, the only nudity in the film.

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