Heather’s Little Girl – NUWEST DLX-001

27 Dec

F/m; time: 20 minutes

More ‘John and Heather’  petticoat punishment with  the amateur touch; older Heather makes younger John put on female clothes. She is at least 6″ taller than him, but he has his own attributes.

Heather has caught him looking up girls’ skirts, so he is going to be taught a lesson. He strips naked, keeply his back to us, for the surprise to come later. Heather returns with panties and stockings for him, and she has her paddle. She helps him struggle on with the panties, because his erection is well underway. OTK for a paddling. he squawks and kicks.

Another room in the house, John wears a dress. Over the chair for “six strokes…count them.”

Dissolve to the kitchen: John now wears a negligee and soon must strip to panties for his around-the-house spanking session.

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