Historical Whipping #5 – NUWEST FCV-51

27 Dec

F/2f; year: 1998; time: 27 minutes

Actress ‘Vanna’ gets the assignment here; she fastens a blonde to a single-pillar whipping post while a second blonde sits on a bench, apparently awaiting her turn. The girl’s wrists are manacled and fastend overhead, not terribly tight, so that sexy struggling is assured. No dialogue.

Vanna unfastens the blonde’s long dress, exposing her bare back. No bra. Vanna whips aggressively–cute writhing. Consulting our tattoo list, this might be the actrsss ‘Sandra.’ The camera checks on on the little bonde in wait–she looks suitable  anxious about what is in store for her.

The second blonde is brought out and fastened to the whipping post. Down with the top of the dress–huge boobs. Same whipping, a lot of loud crying and shouting, more frontal views to catch the bouncing boobs.

Each of these two segments is long, with repeats from various angles.





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