Hot English Punishment – KANE

27 Dec

2FM/2f; year: 2003;  time:  60 minutes

Actress ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis’  in a nice English cottage setting; she has neglected to make breakfast and is confronted by ‘Steve’; this is apparently a capital officense in this house, because ‘Sally’  is immediately OTK, being spanked on white panties, which don’t last long.

Over the kitchen table to be spanked by kitchen tools of course, then she climbs onto the table for the hairbrush. She slides off, removes her bra and is now naked, playing with her boobs.

More spanking, in the diaper position on the table again. legs spread. Steve straps her pussy and thighs. This actress has never shied away from the extremes. And she has gotten excited, we can see. Lean onto the stove (it must be off) for the strap and the cane.

In a dissolve, actress ‘Stephanie’ comes onto a scene of Sally sunbathing. Steff wears a bikini under her dress. The girls go inside for some Lesbian play, both getting naked. Since this is a 60-minute film, you knew Steve would catch them.

He takes the two naked girls downstairs, and in a long scene with plenty of flesh filling the screen, he spanks both girls, has them spank each other, and addresses the buttiocks with one of the thicker canes you will see.



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