Jacque’s Climactic Whipping – NUWEST

27 Dec

MF/f; year: 1998; time: 26 minutes;

‘Vanna’  attends this time: ‘Jacque’  is ushered onto the tile-room set, where the special equipment waits. Without hesitation, Jacque strips naked, quite proud of the little mohawk she flashes and definatly eager for this challenge. Vanna cuffs her, attaches her to the overhead spreader bar and attaches a bar which between her ankles to spread her legs.

Ed Lee hovers with his whip, eager to get started. Vanna starts on Jacque’s pussy with the electric massager, still with the old-fashioned cord running to the wall socket. Lee works at her back and bottom with his whip. They’re going to play a little game, with the viewer rhe sure winner. “Oh, you’ll come. You’ll come.”  “I won’t. I won’t.”

A series of alternating scenes–massaging and whipping. Jacque still refuses to “come,’ so the scence disssolves to a naughty new posture. Jacque lies in the diaper postion on a large elevated pad, ankles and legs tied together. She isn’t going anywhere until there is resolution. Lee flogs her upturned buttocks and thighs while Vanna works at the top between her legs with the massager. And Vanna tips the scale by inserting a condom-covered dildo in this position. Jacque lets go.

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