The Dungeon Vol 1 – REALSPANKINGS

27 Dec

M/f;  time: 1 hr, 12 minutes

Dungeon vignettes; a rather playful attempt to create the B&D dungeon environment, a simple vehicle to lay a few colorful spankings on some of RealSpankingsInstitute’s best-known actresses. ‘Mr. Daniels’  brings RSI girls ‘Jasmine’  and ‘Claire’ to a cellar-like dungeon. Spankings carried out in musty, dank, cellars always appeal to us, the stairway down having the same effect as the steps on a scaffold.

The girls wear black bras, black thongs, and stockings. There need be no particular plot here, just the opportunity to enjoy these  actresses put through RSI paces in a torture chamber setting. Claire, a light brunette; and Jasmine, a curly brunette, are spanked with the big floppy strap/paddle unique to RSI, then several types of canes. Daniels has them take off their bras, suck each others’  nipples, and he has a go himself. The girls wear only matching thongs.

He duct-tapes a raised arm from each of them and strings up  their outer arms, then flogs their bare backs and spanks more with the floppy strap. Bizarre games in the basement. He has the girls masturbate before the festivities conclude. The girls kiss, caress, and check each others’  bottoms.

In a new dungeon scene, blonde ‘Sarah’  is strung up and made to bend forward, wearing just a sleeveless top, a thong, and stockings. Actress ‘Kailee’ will spank, paddle, and crop her, removing the thong, and rucking up her top to tweak her nipples. Lesbian embraces–both girls are into it.

In the next episode, now it is Kailee who is strung up, wearing just a minimal thong. Michael Masterson has the duty and works her front and back with whips and floggers. He turns her back and bottom a rosy red, and seems to elicit real tears and a red face.

‘Lori’ is identified as the final dungeon plaything. She is tied naked to a table, breasts bound and constricted and turning B&D-purple. Her legs are pulled up into the diaper postion; she is spanked, caned, and paddled to all colors of bruises and wheals. She gets the ball-gag when she can’t control herself. Very unhappy and very erotic.

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