Jane and Joanne’s Punishment Whippings – NUWEST FCV-061

30 Dec

M/f; time 28 minutes

Ed Lee whips two girls on the 3 foot-long, tilted, padded horse. Joanne is chained down, her simple housedress thrown up. She wears a thong, garter belt, and stockings. Lee is whipping her elvated bottom; the chains fastening her wrists and ankles rattle. Lots of gasping, no dialogue. Joanne is released after a five-minute segment.

The first segment was filmed from a facial oblique angle, no buttocks; the scene is repeated from a rear oblique and then an overhead camera. Mostly bare cheeks, convincing whipping. She rocks the horse frame.

Jane stands beside the horse, in a short red dress. It is the best view of this clever little bondage device. Ed Lee scolds. He cuffs her wrists, slowly,  and needs to correct the placement. He taunts: “Jane’s going to get a whipping.” Jane climbs up and straddles the horse. “Back, get your ass back.” Jane wiggles back, her legs spread. This act alone will overwhelm some viewers. He fastens her wrists and ankles.

Lee adjusts the camera and instructs Jane; “Look here. We want to see you getting your whipping.” Dress up, pantyhose adjusted. This sexy fastening scene is repeated from the rear and overhead  before the whipping begins. The film concludes with “two minutes of solid whipping” on Jane’s pantyhose, accompanied by screaming and profanity.




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