Mandy – NUWEST NWV-158

30 Dec

MF/f; year: 1988; time: 23 minutes

Very early NuWest, a young Ed Lee, a frisky ‘Joanne Jameson’; Lee narrates–this is another tape made at the request of someone; ‘Mandy’ has called from Los Angeles and wants to be spanked on-camera, tonight if possible, for the experience and for her boyfriend. She wants to be spanked by a man AND  a woman. Lee loves the idea of course–he has commented on ‘fresh bottoms’ on other occasions. Joanne is particularly aroused–when she spanks older women, she gets the rush of getting back at her teachers.

Of the films we have seen in this ‘sprecial request’ format, this is the most erotic, the most informal, the best depiction of an ad lib illustration of an amateur bottom dealt with at NuWest (so far). We’ll keep reporting.

Joanne and Lee meet Mandy at the office door. She is a tiny and very cute blonde, 35 years old. Both are delighted and surprised with her appearance. “Nervous?” Of course. It is 8 PM on the wall clock. Lee, Joanne, and Mandy chat. These scenes make for great foreplay.

Joanne leads Mandy back through the dressing rooms and workspace to one of the sound stages. In an unfortunate film jump, Mandy is already partially naked and holding onto a ceiling rope while Joanne, in just black teddy, spanks her standing. NuWest may have had an equipment failure, or maybe Mandy’s plumbing suddenly called, because these undressing preparations usually play an important role in these humiliation scenarios.

Many wears only a black top, a black thong, garter belt, and stockings. Joanne spanks her bare bottom, which Lee finds as he circles with his camera. Mandy squawks sweetly and Joanne is having a high old time.

Joanne leads Mandy to the OTK posture on the chair. Some giggles. Mandy is tiny enough to be dragged around. “Is it over yet?” More laughter. “Is it over yet? It’s never over!” Throughout the film, there is more banter than usual, Mandy’s voice muffled with her head low in the OTK position. she suggests maybe SHE should spank Joanne. “What a naughty thing to say. No  wonder you were sent down here.” And she doubles her spanking intensity.

They switch positions, and Lee does the spanking, trapping her legs between his. She squeals. Lee loves it when his girls “get smart”  with him. We’d point out the girls are usually not in a good bargaining position. He shows her what “mild,” “moderate,”  and “severe” mean in the spanking world. A little instruction on how to keep the buttocks in position elicits some laughter on the set.

Lee stands and pulls Mandy over his knee on a chair. She is suspended, ‘kicking and screaming.’  after a fashion. Very entertaining.

Joanne takes over again and loves Mandy’s brief resistance when she takes off her top. A low-cut black bra, a dynamic body on this “little tiny one,” as Lee called her.

Lee decides to march her around the studios, smacking her bottom; repeated by Joanne. Cute. Many back-and-forth remarks with Lee and Joanne. “I’ve had enough,” protests Mandy, but not convincingly. The film cocludes with one long minute of hard spanking from each of them. Mandy’s rousing acting, combined with her compact Playmate figure, made this film. We’re hopefull Lee got her to return, and we hope her boyfriend gave her a much-deserved workout after he saw this film.


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