Painful Interviews – CALSTAR

30 Dec

2F/af; year: 2002; time: 49 minutes

Office spankings, never a short supply of ideas; shaggy actor ‘Michael Dawes’  hires two smarmy girls, eventually to replace two assistants already at work. You get the feeling he has spanked the current girls to the point of boredom and wants some new blood.

The existing staff–brunette actress ‘Shaz’ and blond ‘Simon-Claire’ are in fact jealous and suspicious. Michael wants the new girls trained. “We’ll train them! Get the implements.”

The new girls, blond actress ‘Stella’ and brunette ‘Amanda Pickering,’ do poorly on some office machines and act like frauds who faked their resumes. So it’s to be spanking. “What do you mean, a handspanking?” Stella is first OTK, dress up, tight red panties covering a well-shaped promising bottom. Panties down; after some spanking, Shaz checks between her legs–she is wet. Stella goers over the desk for the oval paddle; the girls alternate–Simon-Claire hits much harder.

Shaz now turns to the cane. At least 30 strokes shown, all the good angles, lovely closeups from below and her unhappy face. The girls examine their work on her bottom with some pride and derision before she slinks off. “She’s not going to take our jobs.”

Brunette Amanda has watched and is taken OTK by Simone-Claire and spanked just moderately on her black panties. “Such a lovely ass for spanking.” Shaz suggests she hit harder and alternate cheeks. Pants down; a lot of banter among the girls. “She’s wet as well.” Beautiful perfect bottom over the desk for the paddle. Shaz sits on top of her on the desk to hold her still.

The cane. “We need you to be silient for this one.” About 30 strokes, increasing in severity. She wiggles erotically as she is held still.

This is the way it is going to be. “Every day…two weeks training…tomorrow more severe.”

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