Sore Loser – BUMRAP

30 Dec

F/f; year: 2003; time: 33 minutes

Lesbians and spanking;  brunette ‘Kim’ (actress Krisitin Frost) tries to get her companion ‘Maggie’ (Tasha Lee) to go to a party with her. Maggie waits up for her most of the night, and when Kim returns and throws water on Maggie in an argument, it is time for the spanking to start.

In the kitchen, over the sink for a plastic spatula on a mostly bare bttom, skirt up, Kim starts apologizing. But we need more. Kim has to crawl on the floor, urged  on by a flogger, to learn how to obey “house rules.”

Maggie changes into her dominatrix outfit. “Nowe strip….you will say ‘yes, mistress.'” The roles are clear here. Hard OTK, thong off, a big paddle, several more paddles. The girls end in a kissing embrace.


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