Tears at Bedtime-Amelia Jane Rutherford – Vol 9, STRICTLYENGLISH

30 Dec

M/f; year: 2009; time: 1 hr 12 minutes

Stunning actress Amelia Jane Rutherford transforms the most mundane of schoolgirl plots, where a ‘professor’ confronts her for lazy performance, into a tour-de-force.

Ms. Rutherford reports to an appropriately graying senior gentleman. She wears a short uniform skirt and blouse. She sits and squirms as he reviews her record and begins taunting him with not-so-subtle, unladylike use of her long bare legs, with a skirt which doesn’t do the job in this chair (and low camera angles). Can we doubt she know where this guy’s interests really lie? This ‘professor Templeton’ manages to capture several other student bottoms in this STRICTLYENGLISH series.

She has plagarized an essay, been disruptive at school. She doesn’t seem to shocked to hear: “Tonight you will present your bare bottom to me.” She gets up, sitting on the floor on her haunches, attempting to rewrite the essay she cheated on. He smacks her white panties with a ruler. Amelia often excels in this posture, her flaired feminine hips squashed against her legs.

The ageplay guy gets comfortable and takes her OTK. Amelia accuses him of “setting a trap”  so this could happen. He begins to spank, slowly, caressing the glorious panties, before he tugs them down, 20 minutes into the film. He switches to a short strap. Amelia returns to the floor, knickers at her thighs, to continue on the essay. He now has bare flesh to smack.

Dissolve: the revised essay is taking shape, as is the evening’s punishment. She bends over the table she writes at, he pulls down her panties. More spanking. He sends her to her room to keep working, but she fritters away on a cell phone (how obsolete it is, only 2009!). the professor catches her and she gets the slipper on bare skin on her bed. More full screen bottom -the film is a continuous celebration of her body, and we’ve just begun.

Amelia sneaks to the kitchen past the sleeping pervert (where is she staying, his apartment? Or is he staying in her digs?)  for a bite. She is caught and spanked again.

She is sent to change, presumably into a nightie,  and goes through her suitcase. So she must be staying with him; he must be a smarmy British uncle or guardian, and this is a little end-of-term game we’ve seen in our British films. After stripping naked and flashing the most cunning little mohawk, about the size of a band aid and centered, she puts on a scandalous two-piece diaphanous leopard-print negligee, meant only for being ripped off.

She reports to ‘uncle,’ and he orders her to strip off the ‘ridiculous outfit,’ and she stands radiantly naked full-screen. She’s got a few small moles you’d like to circle with a Highlighter.

He promises her 18 strokes of the cane. Amelia covers her mouth in mock shock. 18? She bends over the back of a wood straight chair, another pose ideal for her 6’2″ frame, especially bare naked. She counts out 6 strokes for each of three offenses. She jumps and surges in pain, tears flow, makeup runs, very nice.

The camera obligingly follows her bottom as she walks naked to bed, and where she examines legitimate-looking wheals in long closeups.

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