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Railroad Office Spankings – CALSTAR

27 Dec

MF/2f; time: 50 minutes

Bare bottoms in the office; ‘Sophie,’ an absolutely smashing blonde, whose appearance in this genre of film can mean only one thing, makes you sit forward in anticipation. She complains to her boss Mrs. Baxter that she is underpaid, that her friends working at a neighboring strip club make much more. Mrs. Baxter points out that Sophie is not doing her job very well and for similar poor performance at the club, those girls run the risk of being spanked on the job. Baxter seems delighted to report that the dancers often can’t sit down in cabs afteer they have earned a session. Sophie is being maneuvered into a tough spot–she soon agrees to accept a spanking AND to improve her work, in return for a raise. “Meet me upstairs in my office in 15 minutes.”

Upstairs now, we get right to it. Sophie kneels on a chair and pulls up her cute sundress to expose her panties. Mrs. Baxter handspanks her in this kneeling position then repositions her OTK. Her panties are then lowered after a cute little tussle, over the desk for some paddle. Baxter is fascinated with this blonde morsel and her delectable bottom. Every office needs a few of these; in fact, most offices have a few. the issue is, how to access them. A  stiff leather spanker elicits louder cries. More paddling; Sophie sweetly reddening at this point.

Downstairs, ‘Tracy,’  yet another comely blonde employee, has gotten herself into trouble, and ‘Mr. Collins’ is going to spank her. The sound of passing trains on the soundtrack must cover the occasional anguished cries of this beleagured workforce. Tracy goes over the desk, skirt up, wispy thong no help to her. Mrs. Baxter is attracted and joins the festivities, pulling up a chair close to Tracy’s bottom. Baxter then volunteers to “finish her off.” “Have to be quiet, my dear,” Baxter warns as she paddles away and checks the camera to see if we’re enjoying ourselves. Baxter warns she paddles away and checks the camera to see if we’re enjoying ourselves. Baxter and Collins trade off using a stiff spanker and Tracy has begun to howl. Then Tracy is ordered to take all her clothes off, just like they do at the strip club. Collins oogles her spactacular nudity while Bxter keeps it up with the paddle. When a tearful Tacy faces us, there isn’t a hair to be seen.

Baxter retrives the cane. To Tracy: “Ready?” At least she is honest: “No.” About 15 strokes are shown, with repeats. Nasty Collins traces the wheals with his fingertips. Then Collins gives her 12 more. Tracy has crossed a threshold and is responding.

Back upstairs, we are happy to report we are not finished with Sophie. Baxter has a cane. Sophie’s pants are at her ankles and she takes 25 strokes. Excellent camera–front and back. And finally, a very entertaining moment–Sophie is made to strip completely and work nude in the office for the rest of the day. She is terrific. Who needs a strip club? If you need those invoices checked, see Sophie upstairs, or better yet, call her to come down..

Hot English Punishment – KANE

27 Dec

2FM/2f; year: 2003;  time:  60 minutes

Actress ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis’  in a nice English cottage setting; she has neglected to make breakfast and is confronted by ‘Steve’; this is apparently a capital officense in this house, because ‘Sally’  is immediately OTK, being spanked on white panties, which don’t last long.

Over the kitchen table to be spanked by kitchen tools of course, then she climbs onto the table for the hairbrush. She slides off, removes her bra and is now naked, playing with her boobs.

More spanking, in the diaper position on the table again. legs spread. Steve straps her pussy and thighs. This actress has never shied away from the extremes. And she has gotten excited, we can see. Lean onto the stove (it must be off) for the strap and the cane.

In a dissolve, actress ‘Stephanie’ comes onto a scene of Sally sunbathing. Steff wears a bikini under her dress. The girls go inside for some Lesbian play, both getting naked. Since this is a 60-minute film, you knew Steve would catch them.

He takes the two naked girls downstairs, and in a long scene with plenty of flesh filling the screen, he spanks both girls, has them spank each other, and addresses the buttiocks with one of the thicker canes you will see.



Expelling the Pain – CALSTAR

27 Dec

F/f; time: 48 minutes

Bare bottoms poolside! In an outdoor setting, CalStar manages to control both the wind and low flyng aircraft this time. We are situated poolside; a woman, ‘Mrs. Dunforth,’ mistress of her estate  ( and all the bottoms therein), lounges under an umbrella and is furious with her daughter ‘Emma,’ who has been truant at an expensive private school.

Emma reports, thin and young, brunette, authentic and convincing in schoolgirl dress. She is scolded for her attendance, admits she doesn’t like the school. Mother is not having any of it and thinks some good discipline is in order. “I’m going to start you off with a good spanking, Emma.”

Mother positions Emma OTK on a chair from the poolside picnic table, but she is left-handed. Emma hasn’t made enough spanking movies to lie over a lap the correct way, so she has to be repositioned. Mom tugs the panties down, “to get right up to your bottom cheeks,”  and the handspanking continues. When it is time to change positions, Emma stands to display a most naughty mohawk for such a demure-appearing schoolgirl.

“Get those clothes off.” Emma slowly strips, no bra. Her mother, rather saucily attired herself in a low-cut body stocking and knee-high boots, keeps up the scolding, reaches for her oval paddle, and leans the naked Emma over the picnic table. The table is the perfect height to elevate and illuminate Emma’s round bottom, which is a near-perfect specimen to be out here in the sun today. She jumps under the soft oval and floppy leather paddles.

An attractive young blonde has entered the scene, a pool maintenance person. She goes to work nearby but is fascinated by the naked spanking in progress across the way. Mother mutters this girl is going to get spanked too, for dishonest billing. But the girl is unaware, and produces a cane from the workroom the mother might find helpful as ahe continues on Emma.

Emma now gets the cane in her dramatic high-bottomed stance. Mrs. Dunforth lays on about 20 whippy strokes; Emma whines throughout. We learn there is rivalry between the pool girl and Emma, thus ther offering of the cane to make things worse.

But Danforth spots the pool girl: “I don’t know what you are smirking at. You’re going to get some of this too if you want to keep your job.” The picnic table is a treasure–it makes the bottom soar, with legs wide, good angle to see her full body and face, turned toward us. When Emma is sent off naked, she walks gingerly, surely the result of crawly welts and wheals.

The young pool girl, a buxom blonde, has earned her place on this side of the pool. She has falsified billing. “Right over my knee,” a short denim skirt, white blouse. Skirt up, black panties down all the way to her ankles, she has a solid full bottom and powerful thighs, fully qualified to make these films. Over the table, “butt in the air, please,”  she is paddled.

“We’ll go to the cane you so fondly found.” About 25 strokes, excellent facials as she anticipates the strike, sexy repeats, welts and wheals. Mrs. Dunforth had her fun at the pool today.

Julia’s Lesson – XEROTICS

24 Dec

M/f; time: 12 minutes
Charming blonde ‘Julia’ in a tub, naked of course; a guy comes to the door and scolds her for the condition of the house. She is quite comfortable naked with him in the bathroom. We couldn’t figure out their relationship–brother, boyfriend, sitter, guardian. He might be a husband, considering what we will see, except that she will play the schoolgirl.
In the sitting room, the guy spanks Julia because she has been lazy. He gets her knickers down at one point. The actress gets a lot of facials, for good reason.
In another scene, the guy receives a call from Julia’s school where she has been caught smoking. He confronts her in her schoolgirl kit and gives her a bare-bottom caning over the back of a wing chair when she is cavalier about it
Next comes the big dream scene; Julia is stark naked, legs spread, masturbating in the same wing chair. The camera angle is from below, up through her legs. There are too many actresses who could successfully strike such a pose, everything in view and all photogenic. She recollects, and the film repeats, part of her recent spankings
Then she imagines giving her male friend a vigorous blowjob, followed by some serious fucking in several positions, concluded by a money shot bj again. Her face is fascinating throughout, and we should mention the guy’s endowment.
At the conclusion of this short film, there is a 5-minute smoker called ‘Spanking Orgy 1994.’ Two blindfolded girls are spanked, teased, and fucked by two guys in a real amateur presentation. The actors could have been volunteers from the office of a plumbing supply house.

Georgette – NUWEST NWV-089

24 Dec

M/f; year: 1992; time:  25 minutes

A rare ‘fat bottom’ at NuWest; Ed Lee can hardly contain his enthusiasm as he whales on the bottom of ‘Georgette,’ a normal-looking brunette, long, flowing hair, big teeth, wearing large glasses, tight purple slacks, and a black top. The OTK spanking is repeated six times, in the familiar early NW  format.

The difference here is that the first spanking sequence is the facial shot, so we will not see what Lee is accomplishing until later. The second camera angle is from an overhead oblique view–we see the ample purple slacks, then white panties, then a very red bare bottom. She runs to the corner, pants down, trying to rub.

This entertaining spanking is then repeated from a closeup rear oblique, full frontal, the essential full-screen rear shot, and another oblique. The film concludes as Georgette rubs at length in the corner.



Cindy’s Report Card – NUWEST

24 Dec

year: 1981; time: 22 minutes

Ancient 8 MM transfers, when NuWest was filming spankings without sound, probably in the middle of the night, and selling them in brown bags. This really does feel like a home-movie ‘smoker’  you can see being played in the basement of a men’s club, but back-in-the-day. ‘Cindy’ made a series of films for Ed Lee in the early days.

‘Cindy and the Paddle’: her aunt holds her blue report card (A nice little touch. Does the skin on your bottom tingle when you see that blue booklet?) She will get the paddle, a big fraternity model which hangs on the door. Bend-over, skirt up, panties down. Cindy jumps up on the first smack. She keeps her skirt down in front for now. More paddling, some frontals, a completely untended thatch of hair. Into the corner on her knees, bare bottom.

‘Cindy and the Hairbrush’: another report card; this time the school has sent along a recommendation. “Student needs a good sound spanking.” Cindy will be taken OTK by her aunt again, but first auntie yanks her panties down standing. Good hairbrush workout, red buttocks, filmed from several aspects.

Class of ’95 – CALSTAR

24 Dec

MF/3f; year: 1996; time: 54 minutes

Two spanking stories woven together in CalStar’s ‘Class Of-‘ style; the reasons for the spankings are sketchy, but we don’t have high standards. We’ll describe each story separately.

A blonde and brunette, we think actresses ‘Tara Bardot Jackson’  and ‘Tiffany Walker,’ in exercise outfits are being put through a series of PT drills by a woman teacher-type, with an old CalStar actor standing by. He is amused by their ineptitude and he demonstrates, even more silly. He thinks a little spanking might improve performance. The brunette is handspanked bent-over, then the blonde goes OTK, using a handy chair. Part of the “embarrassment” process, the man explains, is nudity. He peels down the blonde’s top–she shyly presents her little schoolgirl figure. After more spanking, the rest of her outfit is peeled off.

The blonde struggles through her spanking and is made to stand naked against the wall, facing us, while the brunette, who has been watching, takes her turn. She proceeds to nudity in the same sequence. She is paddled with a leather ping-pong shaped paddle, bent over the back of the chair. The girls end up facing us nude.

The guy sends the brunette to get the cane, something she is not wanting to do. She is first over the chair–about 10 very solid strokes. The frightened little blonde comes forward for her 10 strokes. The girls are sent off naked, clothes bundled.
The other scenario, scenes woven among the above story;  just two characters–a tall big-haired  brunette and a buxom pigtailed blonde, both a bit improbable as schoolgirls, with skirts too short for anything but a video like this. The sexy brunette seems to have littered on a school bench intended for prefects only, which is a spanking offense, and the blonde is going to exercise her prerogatives. She spanks and paddles the brunette along rthe bench, which is too short to permit the classic OTK position.

Panties must come down, then all clothes must come off. “But…why?” Isn’t it repeatedly amazing how girls don’t seem to get these things? She stands still, panties at her thighs, facing us, in case we had looked away. More spanking and paddling, fairly hard and exciting. “Stop whining.” In case you wanted to know, the blonde checks her own bottom and declares it nicer than the brunette’s. She too has a cane nearby. She lays on about 15 strokes, full swings and penetrating. The brunette is jumping up and down, not having a good time, and so earns another 8 strokes. The blonde has kept her positioned, she says, so her classmates can watch the discipline through a window.

Red Bottom Daughters, Bosses, and Showgirls – NUWEST NWV-080

24 Dec

year: 1984; time: 25 minutes

The very oldest NuWest graphics and a 30-year old film at this writing;  three spanking scenarios made when NuWest skated on the edge of illegality; no frontals; in fact, little bare skin. A ‘smoker’ quality view of naughty spankings.

Two girls come home late from the movies with weak excuses. Their ‘Aunt Diedre’ will spank them now. “Go and get the hairbrush.” ‘Kimberley’  and ‘Georgia,’  two brunettes in conventional dresses, are taken OTK  and spanked on their white panties. Both wear garter belts and stockings, dressed more like girls from the 1950’s.

The hairbrush is the long-handled wood implement, which Ed Lee describes in a later film as a unique and precious tool. It does make a smack and makes the simplle little plastic models seem irrelevant.

Four girls in just bra and panties in the faux bedroom; they seem to be ‘showgirls.’ “It’s spanking time.” The girls rotate around and spank each other, sort of a ‘cluster-spank,’ reminding us of CP stories of how roommates settle disagreements every Friday night. Here, everyone gets spanked. An early opportunity for NuWest to display multiple girls in their undies being taken OTK.

Some very early NuWest actors play a scene where a bearded male is called before his female boss because his sales have dropped. In later films, he would lose his clothes and get a humiliating spanking and manipulation, in front of other amused girls. But here, he grabs his pretty brunette boss and spanks HER, sitting on the edge of her desk, getting her over his knee, and getting her panties down, the only nudity in the film.




The Masseuse – NUWEST

23 Dec


NuWest’s male model ‘David,’ worthy of what Michelangelo could have done with him, will produce his flagpole erection for three different girls as he performs duties as a ‘masseuse.’ Actually, he is the ‘masseur’ here and much more.

‘Katie’ lies naked on the massage table, a little towel just barely covering her bottom. David, fully clothed, massages and spreads oil on her. “Would you like the special today, madam?” “Yes, I would like the special.”

David strips naked–his boner is on its way. He begins spanking Katie on the towel–she prompts him on where to strike–higher, lower, over there, down, etc. “You can take the towel off now.” This might be one of the most illustrative views of how Katie has maintained a white bottom against a California tan. She knows the value of a pale bottom for a CP actress. David is fully erect–almost painful. She prompts: “Harder…rub..faster…harder…there…that’s right!” and the orgasm is depicted.

The second blonde is on the table; same procedure. “Would you like the special?” “When have I ever not wanted you to do the special?” Beautiful closeups and facials, white bikini lines, a flowered tramp-stamp tattoo, and another orgasm.

‘Jodi Cline’ is bottoms-up for David’s third hard-on. “Special?” “By all means, David.”

Spanking Is My Pleasure – CALSTAR

23 Dec

MF/2f; year: 2005; time: 48 minutes

‘Sir Roger’  collects girls from a school for his pleasure, and goodness knows, the girls get what they deserve. Headmistress ‘Miss Robinson’ occasionally delivers helpless and hapless female student-offenders to powerful pervert Sir Roger, who then plays with the girls to his satisfaction. Also called “Sir Roger’s Passion” in some places.

“Hve you got a couple of naughty girls for me today?” “Yes.” “Are they aware of what happens?” “No.”

Actress ‘Maya Manton’ plays Miss Madson, and ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis’ plays Miss Harvey. Both are a bit implausible as schoolgirls. If they don’t know Sir Roger’s proclivities, it would not have taken long, because one of the girls is given a cane to bring along when they meet him.

Madson (Ms. Manson) is taken in his grasp first. She is a well-endowed curly-haired brunette, and he is pleased. She stands betweeen his legs as he is seated, throne-like. He exposes her big breasts, pulls her pants down, fondles and gropes, top off, a brief frig. He suck her breasts. Madson is submssive but quite discomfited. “Is this what the other girls get?” He torments her, feels, gropes, and twirls her for us, smacking her bottom for good measure.

Harvey (Ms. Harvey Lewis) is next. Her torment is not so accelereated, but the warning signs appear. He teases between her legs with the cane. “You’re not going to cane me already, are you?” “No.”

Miss Robinson hovers nearby and proves herself as a co-conspirator. She is going to take Madson to an adjoining room to begin her spanking while Sir Roger continues with Harvey. The girls are trapped. Hereinafter the scenes switch–Roger has Harvey, and Robinson hassles Madson. We’ll describe each happening.

Havey is spanked OTK, Roger’s fingers explore. She takes her own panties down, part of the surrender. He spanks left-handed and frigs to his delight. Over a chair, he whacks her with a long leather spanker. She is getting into it. Sir Roger: “Nice thing about you girls, you’ve got lovely soft bottoms.” She lies face-up on his lap, legs open, for some serious attention from Sir Roger, which he calls a “perk of the job.”

Outisde, Madson is spanked OTK and tormented between her legs. “You’re going to have Roger in a minute.” Madson likes the “tingly feeling” and is fully on board. More, harder OTK, then a tawse, which results in–“Ah, there’s a nice tremble.” At this point Madson is dragged in. This  is too much fun. “I want you to beat her hard.”

It is time for both girls to be caned. Madson: “I have to go to the toilet,”  so  Harvey goes first, about 20 ambidextrous strokes from Roger, urged “harder” by an aroused Miss R.

Madson is back and sees Harvey’s bottom. “ at Harvey’s bottom, sir.” She takes her 15. The two caned bottoms hold a pose.

Madson lets Roger expose her pendulous breasts again for some playtime. She is encouraged to kneel in front of him and opens his pants. Just enough hesitancy to increase the tension.

Fade to a new scene. Roger is naked, on his back, quiet erect. The two girls work together to complete the appointment.