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27 Dec

M/3f; time:  32 minutes

Nothing like spanking and phsyical training combined; a buxom blonde faces us, in just white panties. ‘Peters,’ a male trainer is putting her through drills–touch-toes. “Pull your knickers down, right down.”

Two other girls. ‘Sara Collins’ and ‘Kara Jane Dempsey,’  join and are ordered to strip down to white panties and knee socks,  a bruentte and a long-haired blonde. Peters’ e disembodied male voice rings from Xerotics films. This is to be a “end of term workout,”  because theirs is  “not a school for fatties.” Certainly not these three.

The girls separate and begin exercises, three great girls in little white pants, and maybe a size too small. Touch-toes, backs to us; jog in place (“higher, higher!”); giggles.

“Turn around….take your knickers down…hands on your head!”  The trainer moves down the row of bottoms, smacking along.

Peters will focus on one girl at a time. KaraTis first, bend-over, touch-toes, boobs hang. He straps her in this postion, harder than we were expecting. Sara and the buxom blonde get similar treatment.

He straps all three some more, touching toes. We see here again–not all actresses can assume this athletic pose. The naked girls face us, quite full frontal, nice shaves. “What have you learned today?”

The girls are sent to an adjacent changing room, where we watch the pink flesh through frosted glass and they pull on some minimal cover-up. The girls are directed to contemplate the next phase of the lesson, which will be the cane.

The girls drop their panties and take about 10 strokes each, not hard, but colorful. This film is mostly a showcase for three naked models.





The Dungeon Vol 1 – REALSPANKINGS

27 Dec

M/f;  time: 1 hr, 12 minutes

Dungeon vignettes; a rather playful attempt to create the B&D dungeon environment, a simple vehicle to lay a few colorful spankings on some of RealSpankingsInstitute’s best-known actresses. ‘Mr. Daniels’  brings RSI girls ‘Jasmine’  and ‘Claire’ to a cellar-like dungeon. Spankings carried out in musty, dank, cellars always appeal to us, the stairway down having the same effect as the steps on a scaffold.

The girls wear black bras, black thongs, and stockings. There need be no particular plot here, just the opportunity to enjoy these  actresses put through RSI paces in a torture chamber setting. Claire, a light brunette; and Jasmine, a curly brunette, are spanked with the big floppy strap/paddle unique to RSI, then several types of canes. Daniels has them take off their bras, suck each others’  nipples, and he has a go himself. The girls wear only matching thongs.

He duct-tapes a raised arm from each of them and strings up  their outer arms, then flogs their bare backs and spanks more with the floppy strap. Bizarre games in the basement. He has the girls masturbate before the festivities conclude. The girls kiss, caress, and check each others’  bottoms.

In a new dungeon scene, blonde ‘Sarah’  is strung up and made to bend forward, wearing just a sleeveless top, a thong, and stockings. Actress ‘Kailee’ will spank, paddle, and crop her, removing the thong, and rucking up her top to tweak her nipples. Lesbian embraces–both girls are into it.

In the next episode, now it is Kailee who is strung up, wearing just a minimal thong. Michael Masterson has the duty and works her front and back with whips and floggers. He turns her back and bottom a rosy red, and seems to elicit real tears and a red face.

‘Lori’ is identified as the final dungeon plaything. She is tied naked to a table, breasts bound and constricted and turning B&D-purple. Her legs are pulled up into the diaper postion; she is spanked, caned, and paddled to all colors of bruises and wheals. She gets the ball-gag when she can’t control herself. Very unhappy and very erotic.

Heather’s Little Girl – NUWEST DLX-001

27 Dec

F/m; time: 20 minutes

More ‘John and Heather’  petticoat punishment with  the amateur touch; older Heather makes younger John put on female clothes. She is at least 6″ taller than him, but he has his own attributes.

Heather has caught him looking up girls’ skirts, so he is going to be taught a lesson. He strips naked, keeply his back to us, for the surprise to come later. Heather returns with panties and stockings for him, and she has her paddle. She helps him struggle on with the panties, because his erection is well underway. OTK for a paddling. he squawks and kicks.

Another room in the house, John wears a dress. Over the chair for “six strokes…count them.”

Dissolve to the kitchen: John now wears a negligee and soon must strip to panties for his around-the-house spanking session.

Railroad Office Spankings – CALSTAR

27 Dec

MF/2f; time: 50 minutes

Bare bottoms in the office; ‘Sophie,’ an absolutely smashing blonde, whose appearance in this genre of film can mean only one thing, makes you sit forward in anticipation. She complains to her boss Mrs. Baxter that she is underpaid, that her friends working at a neighboring strip club make much more. Mrs. Baxter points out that Sophie is not doing her job very well and for similar poor performance at the club, those girls run the risk of being spanked on the job. Baxter seems delighted to report that the dancers often can’t sit down in cabs afteer they have earned a session. Sophie is being maneuvered into a tough spot–she soon agrees to accept a spanking AND to improve her work, in return for a raise. “Meet me upstairs in my office in 15 minutes.”

Upstairs now, we get right to it. Sophie kneels on a chair and pulls up her cute sundress to expose her panties. Mrs. Baxter handspanks her in this kneeling position then repositions her OTK. Her panties are then lowered after a cute little tussle, over the desk for some paddle. Baxter is fascinated with this blonde morsel and her delectable bottom. Every office needs a few of these; in fact, most offices have a few. the issue is, how to access them. A  stiff leather spanker elicits louder cries. More paddling; Sophie sweetly reddening at this point.

Downstairs, ‘Tracy,’  yet another comely blonde employee, has gotten herself into trouble, and ‘Mr. Collins’ is going to spank her. The sound of passing trains on the soundtrack must cover the occasional anguished cries of this beleagured workforce. Tracy goes over the desk, skirt up, wispy thong no help to her. Mrs. Baxter is attracted and joins the festivities, pulling up a chair close to Tracy’s bottom. Baxter then volunteers to “finish her off.” “Have to be quiet, my dear,” Baxter warns as she paddles away and checks the camera to see if we’re enjoying ourselves. Baxter warns she paddles away and checks the camera to see if we’re enjoying ourselves. Baxter and Collins trade off using a stiff spanker and Tracy has begun to howl. Then Tracy is ordered to take all her clothes off, just like they do at the strip club. Collins oogles her spactacular nudity while Bxter keeps it up with the paddle. When a tearful Tacy faces us, there isn’t a hair to be seen.

Baxter retrives the cane. To Tracy: “Ready?” At least she is honest: “No.” About 15 strokes are shown, with repeats. Nasty Collins traces the wheals with his fingertips. Then Collins gives her 12 more. Tracy has crossed a threshold and is responding.

Back upstairs, we are happy to report we are not finished with Sophie. Baxter has a cane. Sophie’s pants are at her ankles and she takes 25 strokes. Excellent camera–front and back. And finally, a very entertaining moment–Sophie is made to strip completely and work nude in the office for the rest of the day. She is terrific. Who needs a strip club? If you need those invoices checked, see Sophie upstairs, or better yet, call her to come down..

Hot English Punishment – KANE

27 Dec

2FM/2f; year: 2003;  time:  60 minutes

Actress ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis’  in a nice English cottage setting; she has neglected to make breakfast and is confronted by ‘Steve’; this is apparently a capital officense in this house, because ‘Sally’  is immediately OTK, being spanked on white panties, which don’t last long.

Over the kitchen table to be spanked by kitchen tools of course, then she climbs onto the table for the hairbrush. She slides off, removes her bra and is now naked, playing with her boobs.

More spanking, in the diaper position on the table again. legs spread. Steve straps her pussy and thighs. This actress has never shied away from the extremes. And she has gotten excited, we can see. Lean onto the stove (it must be off) for the strap and the cane.

In a dissolve, actress ‘Stephanie’ comes onto a scene of Sally sunbathing. Steff wears a bikini under her dress. The girls go inside for some Lesbian play, both getting naked. Since this is a 60-minute film, you knew Steve would catch them.

He takes the two naked girls downstairs, and in a long scene with plenty of flesh filling the screen, he spanks both girls, has them spank each other, and addresses the buttiocks with one of the thicker canes you will see.



Expelling the Pain – CALSTAR

27 Dec

F/f; time: 48 minutes

Bare bottoms poolside! In an outdoor setting, CalStar manages to control both the wind and low flyng aircraft this time. We are situated poolside; a woman, ‘Mrs. Dunforth,’ mistress of her estate  ( and all the bottoms therein), lounges under an umbrella and is furious with her daughter ‘Emma,’ who has been truant at an expensive private school.

Emma reports, thin and young, brunette, authentic and convincing in schoolgirl dress. She is scolded for her attendance, admits she doesn’t like the school. Mother is not having any of it and thinks some good discipline is in order. “I’m going to start you off with a good spanking, Emma.”

Mother positions Emma OTK on a chair from the poolside picnic table, but she is left-handed. Emma hasn’t made enough spanking movies to lie over a lap the correct way, so she has to be repositioned. Mom tugs the panties down, “to get right up to your bottom cheeks,”  and the handspanking continues. When it is time to change positions, Emma stands to display a most naughty mohawk for such a demure-appearing schoolgirl.

“Get those clothes off.” Emma slowly strips, no bra. Her mother, rather saucily attired herself in a low-cut body stocking and knee-high boots, keeps up the scolding, reaches for her oval paddle, and leans the naked Emma over the picnic table. The table is the perfect height to elevate and illuminate Emma’s round bottom, which is a near-perfect specimen to be out here in the sun today. She jumps under the soft oval and floppy leather paddles.

An attractive young blonde has entered the scene, a pool maintenance person. She goes to work nearby but is fascinated by the naked spanking in progress across the way. Mother mutters this girl is going to get spanked too, for dishonest billing. But the girl is unaware, and produces a cane from the workroom the mother might find helpful as ahe continues on Emma.

Emma now gets the cane in her dramatic high-bottomed stance. Mrs. Dunforth lays on about 20 whippy strokes; Emma whines throughout. We learn there is rivalry between the pool girl and Emma, thus ther offering of the cane to make things worse.

But Danforth spots the pool girl: “I don’t know what you are smirking at. You’re going to get some of this too if you want to keep your job.” The picnic table is a treasure–it makes the bottom soar, with legs wide, good angle to see her full body and face, turned toward us. When Emma is sent off naked, she walks gingerly, surely the result of crawly welts and wheals.

The young pool girl, a buxom blonde, has earned her place on this side of the pool. She has falsified billing. “Right over my knee,” a short denim skirt, white blouse. Skirt up, black panties down all the way to her ankles, she has a solid full bottom and powerful thighs, fully qualified to make these films. Over the table, “butt in the air, please,”  she is paddled.

“We’ll go to the cane you so fondly found.” About 25 strokes, excellent facials as she anticipates the strike, sexy repeats, welts and wheals. Mrs. Dunforth had her fun at the pool today.

Julia’s Lesson – XEROTICS

24 Dec

M/f; time: 12 minutes
Charming blonde ‘Julia’ in a tub, naked of course; a guy comes to the door and scolds her for the condition of the house. She is quite comfortable naked with him in the bathroom. We couldn’t figure out their relationship–brother, boyfriend, sitter, guardian. He might be a husband, considering what we will see, except that she will play the schoolgirl.
In the sitting room, the guy spanks Julia because she has been lazy. He gets her knickers down at one point. The actress gets a lot of facials, for good reason.
In another scene, the guy receives a call from Julia’s school where she has been caught smoking. He confronts her in her schoolgirl kit and gives her a bare-bottom caning over the back of a wing chair when she is cavalier about it
Next comes the big dream scene; Julia is stark naked, legs spread, masturbating in the same wing chair. The camera angle is from below, up through her legs. There are too many actresses who could successfully strike such a pose, everything in view and all photogenic. She recollects, and the film repeats, part of her recent spankings
Then she imagines giving her male friend a vigorous blowjob, followed by some serious fucking in several positions, concluded by a money shot bj again. Her face is fascinating throughout, and we should mention the guy’s endowment.
At the conclusion of this short film, there is a 5-minute smoker called ‘Spanking Orgy 1994.’ Two blindfolded girls are spanked, teased, and fucked by two guys in a real amateur presentation. The actors could have been volunteers from the office of a plumbing supply house.