Painful Inheritance – CALSTAR

2 Jan

F/2f; year: 2003; time: 42 minutes

A’ Lady Vernon’  episode with actress ‘Stephanie,’ she undertakes to discipline the daughters on behalf of their deceased father, a friend of hers, to satisfy the conditions of an inheritance. Of course Lady Vernon displays unusual interest and practiced skills in the art of corporal punishment.

The first naughty daughter to be spanked is blond actress ‘Emma Peterson.’ she wants her money, so she goes OTK without complaint. Lady Vernon’s handspanking here is not as hard as we have seen her do elsewhere. She berates Emma–her clothing is trashy, their manor house looks like a “squat,” and she finds Emma’s rag-like G-string disgusting.

Emma’s a wishful thinker. “Surely that’s enough now. I’ve learned my lesson.”  “Enough?…I’ve only just started…spread your legs six inches apart.” Emma gets up and is sent to get “your father’s spanking implements.” She returns with straps and paddles.

Lady Vernon carefully positions her over the back of a straight chair. “Up on your toes.” There is frequent emphasis in this film on body positioning and postures. A cucumber-shaped floppy strap is first (a little implement variety from CalStar); moderate strokes on a round, athletic bottom, enhanced by a tippy-toe stance. A lot of ongoing dialogue can be heard. How did Lady Vernon know that Lord Humphrey has an arsenal of implements? It seems Humphrey told Veron he spanked his daughters.

The tawse is next. “Up on your toes, arch your back, stick your bottom out properly.”  

Lady Vernon sends daughter ‘Jeena’  for the cane, which we guess she intentionally did not bring when she got the other tools. “Oh no, not the cane.” Vernon: “I know you know what’s coming, Emma. You’ve been here before. There are about 25 strokes shown, repeats, good angles, nice shots of the actress’ pretty face.

Jeena is next and gets the knowing evil eye from Vernon. “Come here.” Jeena is a small thin brunette; OTK; skirt up, more “disgusting” little G-string panties pulled down, “as pathetic as they are.” Jeena’s bottom blotches very quickly. “Remove your skirt….take off your top while you’re at it.” Naked–a thin natural body, long frontals.

Lady Vernon takes her back OTK with the intent of using a tawse, but the position prevents the swings from connecting, so more handspanking. Over the chair, “up on your toes, arch your back, put your head down nicely,” for the oval paddle.

“You saw what Emma took.” Lady V. picks up the cane in a slow, sexy buildup. We see just six strokes, with surprising heavy stripes immediately, before she jumps, in tears. There may have been more caning, an editing error, or she broke down. Vernon is sympathetic.

The girls convene in their bedroom, where they compare bottoms and Emma creams Jeena, including some careful stroking figners in her vulva.

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