Rosaleen’s Diary- The Awakening of Innocence – STRICTLYENGLISH

2 Jan

MF/sf; year: 2003; time: 1 hr 8 minutes

Actress Rosaleen Young wrote and arranged this ouevre, with the help of two polished CP  actors, ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis, and ‘Earl Grey.’ Ms. Young reads from her diary and we pay out her fantasies, which don’t differ from our own, except for which end your are on.

Ms. Young gambols through the glade to visit her ‘Aunt Elizabeth,’ in the person of Sarah Harvey Lewis. Various descriptions of Ms. Young, probably less than 20 years old here, say she can look “12 years old.” Auntie greets her with a hug, which includes a covert handful of buttock.

First off, Rosaleen takes a bubble bath, a chance to slowly strip naked and allow the camera caressing time for her perfect bottom. Auntie peeks in at her naked niece and  manages to become aroused. Rosleen returns to her room in deadly little panties and a gymslip to greet auntie, who has laid out an array of naughty little adolescent clothing for her summer visit.

Dissolve to Ms. Lewis, stripping down to boyshorts and masturbating herself to sleep imagining a lesbian encounter with Rosaleen in the bathroom. In the dream, Rosaleen asks: “Will you spank my bottom?” and gets a spanking on wet panties in the tub. Lewis then bathes in just her panties.

Dissolve to the estate grounds, where Rosaleen romps in her juvenile clothing. Inside, Auntie is talking to a male friend on the phone, plotting how they can maneuver Rosaleen into a productive spanking situation. The male friend, actor ‘Earl Grey,’ pays a call and begins spanking Aunt Elizabeth in their own love play. Rosaleen overhears, spies, is entranced, then caught, and the die is cast.

“Oh, please, auntie,” doesn’t sound too sincere. OTK on the bed, and Roseleen is sent to get the hairbrush. The scene is mostly a celebration of Ms. Young’s body, admirably directed. Rosaleen is released and sent outdoors to cut a bundle of birches. “We’ve succeeded, part one of our plan,” chuckle Auntie and Grey.

Rosaleen gathers a bundle,  a fearsome set of twigs, seeming to know just what to do. Back in the over-decorated Victorian parlor, Auntie and Grey torment Rosaleen, gets her knickers down again, and each spanks a buttock.

“Stand up. Take your clothes off.”  “No!” But she melts and removes her gauzy lacy dress and is now naked, except for a long blue hair ribbon, the adolescent touch this actress  plays so well. She will be naked for the rest of the film. She flashes a cunning little mohawk pubic patch, something she holds back in all her films.

She kneels up on a wing chair, bottom delightfully stuck out, cheeks already rosy, and takes a least 20 strokes of the birch bundle from Grey, squealing and twisting throughout. He removes her hair ribbon, allowing a cascade of her chestnut hair.

Before Grey releases Rosaleen, he will have her watch him cane Aunt Elizabeth. Auntie bends, grabs her ankles, spreads her legs, and presents her muscular thighs and bottom, panties bunched,  for 12 strokes. Long frontals from Rosaleen as she watches.

Rosaleen cries, “That’s enough,”  and begs to take the rest of Auntie’s punishment. Naked, hands on the heavily decorated mantel, barefoot on tip-toe, very naughty for us CP spankos, she counts out cane strokes–Earl does six, and Auntie adds 12 more, smiling fiendishly.

Rosaleen’s bottom contains a combination of cane wheals and welts, as well as telltale birch patterns, one of the best spankings we have seen in her films. She bends for closeup inspections of this fascinating pastiche.

Return to her recording in her diary–this powerful experience and the burning excitement it created. Auntie enters to cream her buttocks in a long slow session. We can imagine the summer ahead for both.


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