Half-Term Punishments – BLUSHES

6 Jan

5M/5f; year: early 1980’s;  time: 54 minutes

Historic vintage British film, and perhaps the naughtiest plotline you can find. A long review, as seen though our amateur eyes. Smarmy old British gents have a country estate full of young girls between terms at school, the purpose being to punish them, spank them in all sorts of ways. This film distinguishes itself from others with similar storylines of detained girls, in that the men here clearly have prurient intentions. We’ve composed this long review to try to do the film justice.

The film opens to the screams of one of the girls, being slippered, bare bottom, bent over a chair, her panties rolled down to her upper thighs. Thoughout this film, the positioning of knickers plays a central and ceremonial role, because they are the distinguishing manifestation of the surrender of the victim. Through the wavy window glass of this country estate, we see a Rolls Royce arriving with more men, eager subscribers to this fetish hunt club.

There is a scene of several men  gathered in a sitting room, discussing what they will do with the girls. ‘Lucy’ (this may be Lucy Palmer from ‘Room 2D,’  a film some vintage-oriented reviewers regard as the most erotic of all time) passes through the group in a white tennis dress. She is a redheaded gamin who catches your attention. One of the men tells her, “You’ll be getting what you deserve shortly.”

The girl who was getting slippered also passes through the room. Her knickers still down. The  men admire the job done on her bottom. Lucy is now jumped, she resists sweetly, and she is vigorously spanked OTK. Very intimate, well-lit shots for this era, pubic hair peeking out between her thighs. We read somewhere the actor ‘Alan Bell,’  who is one of the pouncing men, was the director. Lucy’s unhappiness is enjoyed by the group, and they applaud their confederate ‘Charlie,’ who performed the spanking.

A cute curly blonde, ‘Jasmine,’ is grabbed next. she has been watching the slippering in horror. The men push her up on the mantel, pull her knickers down, and begin a rousing handspanking– two men, each has a buttock. “What do you think you are doing?” she declares helplessly.

A housekeeping scene–through an open doorway, partially naked girls race around the kitchen, encouraged by an old geezer, who can be seen in other early Blushes films, doing his work on young female bottoms. How did he get this gig?

After a disastrous dinner presentation, the girls are pulled out of the shower, taken downstairs to see the men, who lounge in apres-dinner mode, the girls trying to cover themselves with towels–desperate helpless little morsels they are–and of course the towels are too small to do the job. The men rip off the towels they can reach and send the naked girls scurrying for bed, but not really.

There follow two private bedroom scenes,  when men visit girls separately for little sessions. First, a ‘gentleman’  bursts in on ‘Rosalind,’ in her pink shorty pj’s. “I think you should take your little pants off.”  “What for?” she stammers, knowing pretty much what this is all about, and she doesn’t hesitate long. Resistance at this country house over this weekend probably doesn’t have its rewards. She gets a mild bare bottom smacking but shows us plenty.

A major portion of the film is devoted to the second bedroom appointment. “Good evening, Christine.” This may be Alan Bell as ‘Uncle Eric,’ who has made some poignant films for Blushes. The actress is Eileen Daly, a doe-eyed auburn/redhead, also with a dynamic body, soon to be seen in toto. Ms. Daly continues to act in the year 2013. Not surprising, this film could NOT  be found in any of her biographies we saw. She was less than 20 years old when she agreed to this with her agent. We could not find any other CP work she did. This is memorable and is one of our favorite scenes in all the literature.

Christine is back from the bath uncle wanted her to take and wrapped in just a towel. She knows what her uncle intends. “Have you learned that bottoms are are not just for sitting?” “Uh…sort of,” she hesitates. Another girl seeing where this is headed.  She lets her hair down slowly in the sexiest way. Eric rips off the towel and she reflexively covers up, lifting a knee and bending to cover her boobs. She is told she will have to come to this house every school holiday “between now and your eighteenth birthday.” Naughty dialogue.

Eric takes her OTK, quite naked, for a slow and moderate handspanking. She flails and struggles in one of the most erotic spanking squirmings you will see. After a short revealing kneeling on the floor, she bends over the brass footboard for the cane–boobs hang, bottom soars in shadowy light. Breathtaking, you will remember this image  a while.

Eric gets her across pillows on the bed for the cane. You can hear her whisper sotto voce “Not too hard.” Bell knows this made the soundtrack and dismsses her anxieties and tells her she’s going to get what’s coming. “Kneel up, head down, bottom up!” Little gasps. On the soundtrack, we hear Rosalind’s cries ringing  from the other bedroom. “Stick your bottom up, up, up!” Another kneeling position for the cane, she is ordered to get in bed, quite naked. the film ranks in our top five.

The concluding scene features 3 of the girls, in just camisoles and panties, being put through PT exercises and getting whacked one at a time. Panties are discarded as the humiliation plays out. Great ageplay.

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