I’m Going to Punish You Pts 1 and 2 – CALSTAR

6 Jan

MF/3f; time: 47 minutes
Girls gets spanked by their customers for poor serivce; far-fetched but not a bad idea. Brunette ‘Sharon’  is nipping at the booze while she works at the bar, while blonde ‘Gail,’ playing a melodramatic Blondie/Madonna knock off, coughs and smokes over the stove in the kitchen. Two guys enter the bar, discuss a business transaction, order drinks, then sit for dinner.
The curry is served cold and foul. The male customer threatens to report the restaurant and blackmails the waitress into taking a spanking; he puts up the “closed”  sign, locks the door and we are ready for action.

OTK. “ow…pervert!” Not a good stsart for Sharon. It looks like she was laughing, bcause the tape becomes choppy,where we assume she straightened out her acting. A harder spanking would have done the job, right on-screen. Soon, slacks down, then panties down, there are tears running down her face, but she keeps calling him “pervert.”

The customer grabs Gail—Blondie the cook in the kitchen, and she quickly accepts her blackmail fate; she must have heard Sharon in extremis earlier. She is handspanked over the bar, gray slacks down quickly. “What the fuck,”  she screams, a wonderful motivator for our customer. She has the nicest bottom in the bar and takes a healthy handpsanking. The customer has had his fun, casually helps hmself to a beer, and leaves.

The second part of the film is an unrelated vignette, and this is a good one, worth searching out. There sits ‘Verna,’ a very smartypants schoolgirl you’re immediately hoping is going to get the full package. She narrates into the camera that she caught teacher’Miss Maize’ giving the Latin teacher ‘Mr. Hughes’  a whipping with a crop.

Goodness, in walks Miss Maize, in a domme outfit–bra, panties, garter belt/stockings, high heels, and riding crop. She’s going to give Verna a ride with a cane for seeing what she saw, and also button those lips. Verna undresses–shirt, skirt, socks, and shoes, down to very sweet little blue pants. She is a picture postcard–tall, trim, and sexy, standing there waiting for her medicine. For “spying on me and Mr. Hughes,”  six nice square cane shots on panties kneeling on a chair, then pants down and a full-screen detailed examination of her bottom by Miss Maize, 7 or 8 snappy strokes. This actress knows how to use the cane.

Another 15 or so, various camera angles emphasizing when she senses the stroke coming. Miss Maize is fascinated with her target. “You shouldn’t be licking my bum, miss.” An altogether sexy segment.

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