It’s Your Responsibility – REDSTRIPE

6 Jan

F/f; year: 1999; time: 36 minutes

Dawn Deacon plays a 40-something mother, ‘Mrs. Hunter-Ford,’  who runs into educator  ‘Miss Chambers,’ one of our favorite dominatrix spankers with a definite eye for young bottoms. These two experienced CP  actresses craft a detailed story here.

Miss Chambers controls Dawn throughout the film, her every move, so that after a long caning Dawn is submissive, tearful, compliant putty. Dawn does a nice job of feigning surprise that she is going to be spanked by a school staffer. Chambers is molten sex–low cut blouse, short skirt, high heels–camera shots from below accent wineglass legs, yet she is intimiadating and threatening always.

Chambers warms Dawn up with a handspanking and two straps, then she announces the cane with patented swooshes, the cane having been stored in an umbrella stand. The first caning is 25 strokes, and we detected no repeats. Dawn has to count aloud another 12, then there a little ladies’ argument, which results in more strokes. Chambers reminds her she isn’t the first mother to bend over in this office.

“I’m not satisfied,” delcares Chambers. Touch-toes, sing out, 12 MORE. We thought there were about 50 strokes shown here, consistent with Ms. Deacon’s pain threshold in other films.

There is a sequel, when Deacon slinks home to settle up with her daughter.

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