Karen- She Whips, You Worship – NUWEST FCV-074

6 Jan

F/m; year: 1998; time: 25 minutes

Ed Lee again on the receiving end, no hypocrite he. He kneels on the floor and dominatrix ‘Karen’  strides in–in bustier with breasts cut out and bared, thong, garters, stockings, and heels.

“Well, Mr. Bigshot, tonight I’m going to strip you ands whip you until my arm is tired.” Terrible acting, but you could see yourself in a phone booth with Karen.

“And then when we’re through, we’re going back to the bedroom and you’re going to rip me off.”

Dissolve to the action scene–Lee is naked and hanging limply to a ceiling rope. Karen paces around him and begins with her whip. A long series of obliques and ceiling shots feature more of Karen than they do of Lee.

At the conclusion, Lee is at work on Karen, tonguing her from behind as she kneels, then after a dissolve, presiding over Karen on her back, knees wide.

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