Dancing School II-Triple Trouble – CHEEK TO CHEEK

7 Jan

2MF/3f;  time: 50 minutes

Pretty and tight dancers’ bare bottoms, not much plot. Mild spankings of pretty girls at a dancing school manage to preserve the ladies for future films. no way to stitch together a plot description. We’ll describe the scenes, and we admit we craved a bit more zing to the punishments.

Two girls paddle a third over the company trestle, the device found in most Cheek-to-Cheek/Metro films. Attractive but silly, cold cream at the conclusion.

A  faceless male disciplinarian, whose voice is familiar from other CTC films, has spanked many bottoms, including that of ‘Vida Garman,’  has one of the dancers OTK and then in the wonderfully naughty diaper position for some tawse.

The lovely ‘Jaonne’ has lost some costumes of the dance company and must strip for punishment. The setting is the entry hall of a McMansion. She makes a nice picture, a modest little thong remaining in place.

Two of the actresses now appear as schoolgirls and are paddled and tawsed in the traditional British matnelpioece pose, by the male ‘Nielson,’  then spread wide over the trestle. Mild spanking but great photography.

The Head Girl gets 18 with the tawse; there is laughter on-set–think she farted.

A saucy blonde is in the OTK clutches of our mystery spanker. Down with the thong. “Oh, sir, anything but this.” Nice red bottom and the best closeups of the film.

A cute schoolgirl must strip and gets the slipper, mild but attractive. And a last schoolgirl OTK scene.



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