Discipline in Russia – Dispossession of Kulaks -2 – NETTLES

7 Jan


In this continuation, ‘Sergey,’ the actor Jerry Geroshvilli, has a pretty reddish/blond girl, quite naked, tied to a tree in thw woods. He and his colleagues are in the process of whipping a few ‘Kulak’ peasant girls into telling where they have hidden some grain they have stolen.

This girl is tied loosely to a thick tree–the rough bark might be as much difficulty for her as the switch is going to be  that Sergey has cut from the adjacent undergrowth. Her bottom is held in closeup; the wheals ripen as we watch; she counts the strokes, putting up the usual Nettles squawk. Another male Nettles regular, in a silly uniform, attends. [an airplane flies over, challenging the notion of the Russian Kulak peasant era]

A typically Russian rough cut takes us inside, where a naked Asian girl is also being challenged. “Where is the grain?” “I know nothing.” She is tied down to the typical Russian bench and is delightfully not so happy to have to do it.

Sergey will cane her, a nice high bottom flat on the bench. The second guy keeps her hair off her face. She wails as the stroke intensity increases. Wrap-around marks on her thighs from the thin cane. Subtitles suggest about 35 strokes, which is plenty in any ballpark, especially when done Russian-style.

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