I’m Skint, One Hundred Strokes Please Pt2 – MOONGLOW

7 Jan

M/f; time:  18 minutes

An erotic caning and nothing else; a brunette with jet black hair, naked except for boots, lies over pillows on a bed. A male teases and torments her with a cane, using the tap-tap-tap-snap technique occasionally described in how-to manuals for CP  fun. Works for us.

The idea seems to be, the girl is broke, and she will take a caning for some money. Also works for us.

The caner has his way with the girl, giving her very hard frigs with his dampened fingers, causing her to rise up in passion on his hand. Closeups and bruising. We did not try to count the strokes, because you can’t tell which tap or snap is official.

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