Discipline University – NUWEST NWV-155

8 Jan

M/f; year: 1987; time: 25 minutes

Surprisingly exciting stuff from NU-WEST, especially with this vintage. The quality springs from the presence of two experienced CP actresses (who went on to their own careers), and a fortunate plot, cleverly detailed and graphic.

Actress ‘Kyrie Kelly’ knocks on a door. Actress ‘Janet Beckwith,’ playing a secretary and typing furiously hunt-and-peck style, admits her. Miss Kelly has been sent to report to  ‘Dr. Lee.’ She tells Janet she was caught cheating on a chemistry exam. Janet: “Oh, oh, oh, are you going to get your bottom beaten!”

Janet brings Kyrie to Lee. He sits behind a desk in the faux office set used so frequently in this era. She stands submissively before him, a posture which has preceded  so many spankings over this very desk. She hands him a note- the teacher’s report on the offense.  “You know what methods we use to correct students?” Weakly. “Yes, sir.” After all, this IS Discipline University, where policies differ.

“You will report tomorrow morning before class for the first phase of your punishment, six strokes of the cane…this may be shock to you…I will apply it on the bare skin…it’s very effective and painful… then six more with the paddle after class.”

Kyrie shivers and fidgets in mock shock, a small but erotic reaction from an actress who has dropped knickers often. “Stand up straight!”

Lee instructs Beckwith to take Kyrie out and explain the procedures, which Janet does, in a scene which added great erotic anticipation for us. Janet demonstrates: “You pull your skirt up and tuck it..you bend over…head off to the side…”

Kyrie jumps at the sight of cane marks she spots under Janet’s pantyhose. “Are those marks on you?” Janet tries to shrug it off, but mutters she has had her run-ins with Lee also. With typing skills like we saw, you can see why. Fun stuff, and suggestive of sequels or prequels.

Janet explains the method to Kyrie, a recitation which reflects how Lee will film his spankings over the years: lower your panties and pantyhose; tuck your skirt up; bend over, back level; legs together; head to the side (for the camera, we know); hands on knees. If she moves, 2 extra; beg to stop, 2 more;  failure to count aloud-start over; if you don’t thank Mr. Lee-start over. “We’ll see yo tomorrow. Good luck.”

Dissolve to the next morning, Kyrie stands before Lee’s desk. Unlike many CP films where time has elapsed, the actors have changed clothes. Kyrie wears an ankle-length plaid skirt and blouse, as if off the set of the TV show ‘Happy Days.’

She ‘assumes the position,’ skirt tucked, panties down, back level. Lee swooshes menacingly. Anxious facials from Kyrie. Lee explains his technique, a fetish found throughout his work. “Two on the BUTT-OCKS (his pronunciation), two on the crease,and two down low, one every 45 seconds.” Kyrie winces, and she probably didn’t have to act.

Lee begins the caning; Kyrie absolutely screeches on the first stroke and will need  the full 45 seconds to recompose. We presume Ms. Beckwith is wetting her pants at her typewriter. The slow six strokes are filmed from the side and rear, Lee circling, scolding, and striking. Kyrie’s screams intensify when the strokes shift to her buttocks crease, then to the top of her thighs. The wheals ripen and can be counted. She chokes out the obligatory “thank you” and is allowed to rub, shaking impressively.

Dissolve to ‘after-class’; Kyrie reports again. “Put your books down,” a nice film touch to enhance the schoolgirl-thing. She assumes the position again–the marks are still evident. Lee slaps a large fraternity paddle against his leg–it looks to have holes drilled part-way through. He will whale her six times, and he absolutely rocks her. If she was not shocked on the first whack, we were fooled. Various views- full rear, oblique, facial.

To consummate our entertainment, the film contains “unedited” shots of all twelve strokes, condensed and repeated three times- from the side, full bottom-rear, and facials of a very dramatic and screaming Ms. Kelly.

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