Office Discipline – CALSTAR

8 Jan

FM/2f;  time:  20 minutes

Vintage stuff, containing an ‘Imprint Productions’ moniker. A blonde works in her office; a brunette enters–she is going to be working there. The blonde explains that the boss is unpredictably strict, that there are “occasional spankings”  around here. Sounds good.

The blonde suggests the new girl come over to her apartment to see what a real spanking is all about. OK

But at the office, the boss is going to have a session with the blonde. “Time for your beating.” She has to pull her own dress up and drop her panties, a version of humiliation quite effective in the boss’s office. Over the desk, he massages and torments, using a heavy strap “Does it hurt?” “Yes!” Good angles and pussy glimpses, no one shaving when this film was made.

Dissolve to the blonde’s apartment, the brunette is late. “Where the fuckin’ hell have you been?” Such faux anger of course fuels the ardor in lesbian play. The brunette has to pull the blonde’s panties down and kiss her bottom, lest there be any doubt what this is all about.

The brunette has brought the strap she was instructed to acquire. Now she must pull up her skirt, which she is reluctant to do. “You’ve got a really nice bum.” Over the hassock, panties down, a slow and mild handspanking, lots of pubic hair, crotch shots, the blonde rubs her bottom with her spike heels, and sits on top of her. “Spread your legs.” This is no orientation.

Both girls aroused, rubbing, headed for other action.

An awkward oldie, but part of the new beginning for CP  films.



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