A Glutton For Punishment-Emma Brown Interviewed – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

9 Jan

M/f; year: 2008; time:  14 minutes

Charming ‘Emma Brown’  sits for interview on a couch, full-screen, in a low-cut red print dress. Bobbed blond hair, conservative makeup and dress, and a shy and quiet demeanor, certainly not what you’d expect from a girl whose bottom has graced so many videos, and a credit to her acting skills.  We are reminded on Sophie Fennington’s interview filmed for CalStar 15 years ago and cataloging her career.

The founder of ‘Sound Punishment’ interviews Emma from behind the camera. She enjoys spanking and being spanked on film and got ‘bitten by the bug’ at Spanking-on-Line; doesn’t care to be spanked in her private life; gets a kick out of being a “naughty girl” role player and likes the costume drama of schoolgirl, nurse, maid, etc. She enjoys the pain part.

The interviewer comes on-set and sits beside her. He’s going to have some fun. “It’s time we warmed you up a little…do you like ‘over-the-knee’?…you have a lovely little bottom.”  “Thank you,” Emma says, as casually as if she were offered a biscuit. The interviewer is quite proud of presenting her bottom to his audience.

OTK on the couch, skirt up, little lace purple panties, and there’s that love-initials tattoo. “I  want to make sure our customers see one of the most popular bottoms go red.” He begins a conventional handspanking, which deosn’t phase Emma at all. Nice facials. When he begins to slip down her panties, she raises her hips to assist. Closeups, and puss winks.

He keeps smacking and talking. “What do you think about while you are being spanked?” Emma claims not to think about much of anything. We do hear a muffled chortle. “Are you laughing?” “No.” No spanker likes to be laughed at. He can’t resist fondling and stroking.

“Thenk you, and welcome to ‘Sound Punishment.'”




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