The Best of Kyrie Kelly – NUWEST NWV-334

9 Jan

year: 1991; time: 49 minutes

One of the great Nuwest models, late ’80’s into 1991. There are 14 NuWest videos listed in Kryie (Kiri) Kelly’s film credits. We are working through about half of them so far and we don’t pretend to be anything more than a spanko fan.

During the same period, she was working widely for other studios, with other famous genre actresses, and she gradually moved to milder BandD formats, but in our amateur judgment these NuWest films constituted the most severe punishment she took. An interview she gave in later years suggests she terminated with NuWest because the spankings were more severe than promised and the recovery time too long. Given how bravely she accepted some wicked paddlings from Ed Lee in several films, you can easily see how he would ratchet up the intensity to achieve reaction.

This video contains excepts from nine films, about 4-6 minutes long each. Kryie is found in several roles and spanking postures; as a dominant, she is not much of a spanker. Four segments are with Ed Lee, notably ‘Dunn, NC High School Paddling Incident’ and ‘Discipline University,’ both with paddlings severe enough to make a person revise their career plans.

The longest segment features with Stephanie Locke, may be ‘Stephanie’s Plaything.’ If you are a regular reader, we will try to pick up and add a few Kyrie videos going forward.

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