Jennifer Brooks, Debra, and Vanna – NUWEST

10 Jan

3F/m; year: 1998; time: 29 minutes

Poor ‘Stephen’ has to report to this gathering of eagles, Jennifer Brooks, and NU-WEST  models ‘Debra’  and ‘Vanna.’ With a smile on her face,  Jennifer: “Stephen, why don’t you take your clothes off for us so we can start you out with a good sound spanking.” When he is naked, the girls are quite amused with his handsome body.

The scene dissolves to the first spanking. Each of the girls spanks him over their knees, quite fascinated with him, and getting in feels and fondles.The second scene finds Stephen crawling on the floor while the girls paddle him, straddle and paddle, and follow him with smacks. 8 minutes of this.

In the next scene, the girls have begun to coax some erection. Debra ties a string around his cock. “Before we take our doggy for a walk. we have to put him on a leash.” The girls lead him around the room on all fours, teasing.

In the final FemDom, Stephen lies on his back on the floor and the girls torment him with their spiked heels, which he licks.

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